SRT : Recommended Candidate Responses SET 1

You are getting late in reaching meeting. You would…

1. Inform vice captain about his coaching classes,finish his maths classes,attend the cricket team meeting within 15 min.

2.informed the manager, delay of 10mins, as lift broke down, climbing 10th floor, reached, apologized for delay, gave pleasant presentation.

3. Inform HR , drive motorcycle fast through shortcut, reach in meeting as soon as possible

He was on his way to home and suddenly it started raining heavily? He. . .

1. Stopped his bike in aroma bakery ,inform his mother ,had a cup of tea and went home safely.

2.took shelter at patel low price, borrowed guards umbrella, went home,gave ration, returned umbrella to guard while carrying his own

3. He will wear his rain coat, Reach back to home enjoying rain.

You were finding it hard to convince your friends over correctness of your stand

1.showed the previous cricket match scorecard and convince his team to Bat first in the district finals.  

2.asked him to calm down, opened cricbuzz app, showed virat kohli’s average above 50 even after not scoring 100 in 2years, convinced him he is legendary , just not able to reach milestone.

You recently joined active services and felt that you are given too much work…

1. Finished interacting with government school students and painted the compound wall within the given time during NSS camp, motivated his colleagues accept it as an opportunity to learn, interact with seniors, learn about various previous project, makes all due reports in time, submit to manager, gains experience.

3.He will prioritise work, make plan of work with time, collect resources, take help from team , complete the work in time.

An airplane crashed in a field nearby your battalion area. You are battalion commander. What steps would you take at such a critical juncture….

  1. Alert his battalion ,rush to the field help the survivors with his team and admit the injured in the base hospital.

2. Take 10 men + medics to spot, extinguish the flames and smoke, rescue the pilot to the the medical van, gave firstaid , transfer to hospital, saved life.

3. Ask Control room to send water tanker , field ambulance, 1 company strength to crash site, Evacuate the pilot and trainee pilot from NCC microlight aircraft, secure the area, send the injured to MI room.

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