Situation Reaction Test – SET 2 Men, Recommended Candidate Responses

SRT 1 : You find your hostel roommate not very friendly with you. You…

1. Took him for bike ride and become friends.

2. Talk to him, find common ground like cricket , football, GOT , friends, bond well, help each other thoroughly.

3. Talk to him, spend time by playing games, gooing movies , help each other in daily life, become good friends.

SRT 2 : You received an urgent order from your commander. But you feel that order passed on to you is wrong. You…

  1. Finished the sensor project work and submitted on time
  1. You accept the order, go for the night watch of kanheri forest area, report back in the morning.

3. He will follow the order, report back to his commander.

SRT 3 : You are going to sign a contract suddenly u got news that one of your friend who had helped you once met an accident and is in ICU. you. . . . .

1. Signed the contract for his new academy, then went to his friend and met him in the hospital.

2. signed the contract of my new job, visit friend in the evening , cheer him up and support family with dinner , stays the night and wish him get well soon and leave in the morning for the job.

SRT 4 : You fall seriously ill just before final exam. You…

1. Went to SS hospital put injection and took 2 hours sleep,the prepared for his MATHS exam

2. Take the cyclopam medicine, drink coconut water, give physics exam, score 90 , pass the examination well.

3. He will take paracetamol, drink glucon D, give the exam, come back home,rest.

SRT 5 : He went for the picnic with his friends and on the way he had hot arguments with them. He…

1. Stopped the bike in the nearby waterfalls in valparai ,enjoyed the bath there and got the arguments solved on bathing in another lake.

2. He will ask them to settle, say sorry to each other, made mood light by jokes , carryforward picnic.

SRT 6 : He saw his girlfriend walking with another person on his way. He..

1. He knows the she and his friend secretly planning for his upcoming birthday, acted along with them.

2. .He will reach to them, say hi to her friend, had coffee with them at CCD, move for their respective work.

SRT 7 :You have been invited for dinner by one of your friend and you are also required to attend Regimental ‘Bara Khana’. you……

1. Inform his friend about the bara khana,attended the regimental dinner ,enjoyed it .

2. He will tell him about bada khana, apologise to him , Ask him to have dinner the next day,attended bada khana, went for dinner the next day.

SRT 8 :What happens when a person breaks a curfew and comes out.(or protests coming out)

1. Show the police his AFCAT admit card,took written letter to show in checkpost, attended the exam on time.

2. Come to police, tell them the extreme reason of coming out, complete work and get back to home.

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