Word Association Test Words: January Series

As everyone knows every month we conduct one batch and we get results every time. SSBPsych complete focus is on the selection and the quality of results. We are sharing some of the responses of the candidates so that you can compare your responses with the ssbpsych candidate’s response. Through this activity, you will also learn and get one more step closer to your dream.


Reading self-help books broadens horizons.
Agatha Christie is best known for her detective novels
Daily reading Channelize thoughts.
Spending time with book over weekends always a great investment. 
Three students were selected to draw life size paintings on school library’s wall  
Books reading should be a habit . 
Byomkesh Samagra is best book for detective. 
The alchemist has real meaning of destiny
Preparing notes help in understanding concept better.
Self-help books derives good results is followed properly
Attendance register maintains students detail.
Written knowledge are best to revise
Research for project builds up the knowledge 
Books gives right path to your aim
Free and compulsory education removes illiteracy
Self-help books bring clarity in thoughts
Books comprises of ocean of knowledge
Chanakya Niti teaches how to handle situations.
Stephen chabosky writes wonderful stories
E-books comes handy while travelling.
Robin Sharma writes motivating novels.
books helps to improve communications 
Writing travelogue is a good hobby.
 Curiosity adds more pages to a book.
mission overseas is the best book to read 
 booked before taking car to servicing
Library is the biggest storage of knowledge 
Journaling is the way to keep new ideas
Sharing knowledge with people spreads awareness
Learning new skills elevates career
Pre booking of venue saves from last minute chaos


Cheerful person make others smile easily.
A charming smile helps one make friends easily
Coffee before shift hours brings smile.
Family is a reason to smile and unite
Smile is infectious and make others happy.
Eicher school student came 2nd in face painting competition held at pinjore gardens
Smiling is the best stessbuster
Smile comes after hardwork
Smiling makes easy to tackle problem
A Charming smile helps one make friends easily
Best way to bring positivity
Cheerful persons are liked by all
Lomax ashram people had smile on face after having food
Making parents proud is always cheerful 
Joy with children involves everyone
Let’s make a eye contact with people and smile frequently
Completing hard trek with friends brings joy
Family gathering gives sense of togetherness
Smile can make someone’s day
Child smile is pure smile
An smile on the face of any person can win alot of friends
Smile radiates positivity
Cheerful person makes others smile easily
Bhangra is folk dance from Punjab to express happiness
Raktsanchar NGO helps providing live blood donors to the needy
Doing things happily gives desired outcome
Learning new things gives happiness
A winner defeat his weakness
Smiling people are creative and impressive 
Children always work to bring smile on parents face
Putting a smile on someone’s face feels amazing
Tensed situations often ease with a smile
Brings joy if shared with others
Winning football tournament brings happiness
Adventurous activities are joyful
Surprised anniversary celebration planed for my parents
Students excited after winning general championship
The best smile i seen is on my parents face when I get 79.8% in 12th
Stage acts makes one to express effectively
Smile has ability to change mood.
One smile removes the jealousy between two friends
Successful conduction of college fest makes organizers happy
Finishing sketching tough picture makes artists happy
Polite behaviour comes down to anger
Innocence of kids makes one feel good
Every fitness session ends with a happy feeling
Photos of Amritsar trip being back happy memories


Aeroplane inspire youth for flying
An-32 is a turboprop twin engine multirole aircraft
Safest mode of transport.
Aspiration profiling workshop helped to map out path to follow
Aeroplane attracts for flying. Flying is an utmost profession. 
Men in uniform from Indian Air force participated in Bengaluru air expo
Flying is an heavenly experience. 
Keep goal always high. Proper utilisation of time is importance.
IAF is very important to forces for weakening the enemy
PVC Nirmaljit singh sikhon showed his bravery in 1971
Hardwork make one to come up with flying colour
An-32 is a turboprop twin engine multirole aircraft
Watching Suryakiran aerobatic team fly-past was a delightful experience
Hardwork and dedication are the wings for one’s dream
Ensures efficienct connectivity . Backbone of logistics operations. Traveling brings new experiences
It takes courage to sky dive
Most advanced technology of the world
Flying at great heights is breathtaking
Belgaum airport recently launched bgm-DL fight
LCA Tajes was made in India by HAL
Rafale is a game changer during two front war
Aeromodeling helps me to know better about the plance design
You have to fly in dream my times times before you actual fly
The view above the cloud is always great
NCC makes a person physically aware
Handling Aircraft was an overwhelming experience
Mother’s wish to sit in aeroplane inspired me towards goal
Success in your life like an Aeroplane flies in the sky
View from high hilltop after hard trek is mesmerizing
Playing with toy make kids happy, solo trip gives sense of freedom
Everyone has their wings , Thing is just to take FLY
Important during war time to shift soldiers
INDIGO largest airline of INDIA
Antonov An-2 largest airplane of world
Air power superiority give an edge ahead of enemy
Traveling mode through air is the fastest
South India boasts as home to great Indian heritage
First flight always a memorable experience
One should give wings to dezires
We can achieve goals by hardwork
Aeroplane flies with the help of Bernoulli equations
Journey by air saves time
Persistence in one’s efforts flies high with success
Ramjet engine make modern aircraft to reach supersonic speed

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Spreading loves uproots hatred.
Learning new culture removes hate
Silent places refreshes the mind
Humble discussion resolves and bring togetherness
Confrontation removes hatred
Dishonesty leads to hatred.
Helping society in any way possible was aim of the sarpanch
Through common-kitchen service service students learner to grow helpful
basketball players are good friends off the court.
LGBTQ are getting recognised now. 
Everybody has right to freedom of expression.
Love and peace is always wins
Successful person always resolve his mistakes. 
Hater helps for grow
Removing misunderstanding improve relationshios
Learning new culture removes hate
Hate speeches disturbs public harmony
Tough situations build strong character
China hate US -tiwan diplomatic relations
Criticizes make cricket team captain more alter over his mistake
Meditation helps to think and act
One happy moment remove he hate between two families
Organised person hates waste of time 
Daily practice of meditation help to channelize emotions
Haters help you to grow high
removes by helping during trouble time.
Some extra effort finishes pending work
sedition law help govt to stop hatred spreaders.
Evolving personality always face critisism
Proper communication removes misunderstanding.
Knowing multiple languages helps in making friends
Hating distractions feeds positive results
Corruption is abuse of public administration
Loves bring peace in society
Traffic rules are made for people safety
 people hate getting out of shape.
giving smile to oppostion player make their anger high
 community Hatteras should be prevented
Coversation and understanding makes one forget about hate.
people using abusive language are ignored
generates conflict between people
Hatred is an reversible process
Scout camps teach various skill
Initiative person don’t waste opportunities
Hate speeches spread false narrative


Ordering of things at workplace saves time
Giving order requires good judgement
E-commerce sector well used in Covid-19 pandemic
Systematic approach during fest made it most memorable event
Enforcing law-order properly brings peace and stability
On principal’s go ahead two students organised group photography for entire school
Orders must be followed by utmost responsibility
Captain take decision for his team
Planning makes work easier
Giving order requires proper judgement
Proper ordering ensures high efficiency
Troops embark in orderly manner
Zomato had speedy delivery
Commanding the NCC squard always been honoured
Officers think and imagine before taking decisions
Cooperation is better than to order it, orders meant to be followed
Captain’s strategic plan wins volleyball match
Abiding by law and order is fundamental duty of citizen
Order to communicate proper, One has to intiate first
For median, data is arranged in increasing order
Orderly completion of task leads to well organized salsa workshop
Supervisor values the order of seniors
Cascading orders on time brings better output.
After cleaning the Courtyard next task was gardening
Judges are guardians of constitutional value system
Everyone follow government’s order in pandemic situation
Online platform booms Indian economy 
Order wise work reduce chance of mistake
Police patrol team ensures proper law and order maintenance
Weekly participation in panchayat activities creates awareness on govt orders
Law and order maintain peace
Managing resources gives orderly outputs
Good subordinates always follow commands
Organizing gives clearity
Disciplined people are always dependable.
Booking gas cylinder became easy by Toll-free number
Master ordered to execute self defense act
The poject manager strategies to complete work in less time 3 pm 
 Order of March requires cooperation to complete the task covertly
 Executing tasks in order saves time and effort
Maintaining discipline in classroom shows monitors responsibility
In order to get success in CDS consistent practice is required
Innovative ideas with proper implementation brings revolution
Chronological order made things easy to understand 
Order of merit shows excellence
Soldier complete the order even by taking thier life at risk
High scoring student do homework on time
Tourists enjoy the social culture and order of the distination
Ask every citizen to take vaccination as soon as possible

Hopefully you must have got an idea the quality of sentences we write.

Share your responses in the comment box.

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