Word Association Test Words : December Series Part 1

December WAT Series

As everyone knows every month we conduct one batch and we get results every time. SSBPsych complete focus is on the selection and the quality of results. We are sharing some of the responses of the candidates so that you can compare your responses with the ssbpsych candidates response. Through this activity you will also learn and get one more step closer to your dream.


Morals and values given by family lasts forever.
Every student Nilgiri is loyal .
Joint family overcomes generation gap.
The family visited the temple and helped beggars there by distributing old clothes .
Parents are the robust supporters for their children.
In ncc camps strangers becomes family in a short time
PM modi ji give a lecture to public through man ki baat about small family happy family
Men in army live as a family with strong unity
Cricket builds brotherhood among team players.
Organising 50th marriage anniversary celebration of grandparents requires planning.


Grievance Redressal Mechanism deals with bullying in college
Ncs school band leader motivates his team to win the upcoming military band competition.
Lady irwin college is against ragging and bullying.
Raising voice against bullying and helping those who are being bullied requires courage.
Mutual understanding in teammates pacifies social bully.
Girls feel empowered by learning martial arts
Proper education reduce bully among the student
Unity and awareness could eradicate bullying action
RYK SCIENCE college offers special self defence course for women.
Yoga and meditation improves concentration and mental well being.


Travelling to Goa with friends brings liveliness and freshness
Scuba diving in Andamans opens up a new world
Visiting lodhi garden with friends after exams was refreshing.
Socialising with friends and neighbours is full of liveliness.
Continuous progress in hardships require liveliness.
By travelling bangalore we learn south India’s culture
Goa trip alongwith friends was livelness
Boosting mural in men make troops liveliness
Watching sunset near ganga ghat makes you relax and felt peaceful
Playing harmonium with music group make annual gathering atmosphere lively and cheerful.


Coordinated team effort ensured stupendous performance in the volleyball league
Nilgiri football team wins the match with coordination and planning
Team coordination leads to successful organisation of eat right mela.
The cricket match was won by the Indian cricket team with proper coordination among players .
Success in science exhibition represents team as one.
A captain organise trip to anandpur sahib with cricket team to improve coordination
Coorditination in a team lead to success
Understanding team players brings strong coordination
In dodgeball by proper coordinating in team leads you to win the game
A good batsman has coordination betwwen footwork, body and head posture and mind.


Music and dance leads to expressing of all the inner emotions
Ncs school band performs to express.
Expressing emotions to friends make us feel light.
Expressing the problem right way , helps in a proper solution .
Mature people expresses gratitude as well as criticism.
A drama artist express himself in a clear manner to his audience
Giving good facts during a group discussion show leadership
Mother’s smiling expression make me happy
Dancing with your partner shows how comfortable you’re with her
Playing shivaji maharj role in drama automatically brings expression of pride on face.


Bungee jumping requires courage to perform
One requires courage to dive from 10m height.
An officer never runs away from challenges.
Donating blood in blood camps is a sign of courage .
Armed forces requires courage with effective intelligence.
Doing Bungee jump at rishikesh with friends is very exciting
Soldiers doing their job with courage
Taking shoot on goal requires courage in match
To complete Mahal Adventure camp one should need courage and stamina
Trekking on hadsar which is 90 degree vertical climb needs one to be courageous.


Prompt decisionmaking by the captain led to winning the cricket match
Opting aviation as a career during covid is courageous
Choosing science stream after 10th opened lots of career option .
Going to orphanage and feeding children on one’s birthday.
Participation in Kvpy make academic effective.
By Clearing hssc patwari exam in drop year s student prove his decision correct
CDS Vipin Rawat always a epitome of under pressure decision
Cool and calm attitude
Not only Indians but also foreginers knew that MS Dhoni is best captain
A mechanical engineer needs quick decision for cating a aluminum kitchen in foundary.


Social gatherings moulds the personality of an individual
One needs to be socially adaptable to survive in Navy childrens school.
Travelling brings ppl across the world together.
Nukkad nataks on save girls child was organised by nss students.
Social men finds way in difficulty for help.
Talks over lassi with in amritsar becomes life long memories
Publication of the product through social media increase its popularity
Good values helps in living social life better
By self introspection one can achieve to make better contact with people
Winning Rocket propulsion event in pune district requires coordination among team.


Badminton league was succesfully organized with planning, coordination and teamwork
Without planning trekking can be difficult on dolphin hills.
Planning surprise birthday party for brother was exciting .2) proper study plan leads to good score in exams
Proper planning before the match helped the team to win it .
Planning makes vision clear for steps ahead.
By Dividing chapters into small parts it becomes easy to understand
Ms dhoni always make a stregthy before the match and win
Planning is required for an task to be accomplished
Your to do list for next day can save your so much time
A football captain decides formation of play and positions before the match.

Hopefully you must have got an idea the quality of sentence we write.

Share your responses in the comment box.

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