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SCO-49 Experience – Sunil Dutta

Hello friends my name is Sunil dutt, I am serving person conference out on 2 Dec 2021. For SCO-49 total of 62 candidates report and one person rejected due to tatto on hand. Out of 61 candidates, 19 got screen in.

Picture Perception & Description Test

In PPDT they show us a neutral Pic in which there are three person one in boat two gentlemen inside of the river and one of them talks with boatmen. I write a story about tourism in my local area. In discussion, we are 15 candidates my chest no is 19. I listen to every candidate’s story carefully and when I get a chance I complete my narration in the crisp form in one minute with a clear voice. Because i remind my story two time before enter in discussion room and I follow Vipul sir strategy about how to tackle narration and discussion. Maximum of candidate write about flood so I know that I have no need to project my story as a group story I tell to group that we have majority of story about flood.

Second day we report at 7 AM for our psych test psychologist give us instructions and then we start writing tat story . I complete all tat . I also complete 4 to 5 story before 30 seconds. In tat I try to show maximum olq but back to back he show us similar pics . In wat I enjoy very much but my sentences are short I write in 3 to 4 words. I complete 60 wat. In srt I complete 30 . In SD I prepare as per Vipul sir instructions and write down same but in last paragraph what kind of person you want to become i can’t complete that part.

Same day I have my interview. At 2:45 pm my interview start. Before interview I have not any fear. I go through news paper and remember 3 to 4 news. He ask me can you do any course for ssb I tell him that I take online guidance. He tell me from which academy I tell him about SSBPsych. He asked, Is that person is CO? I say no sir he is civil person and 3 time recommended he ask for how many days and cost . After that he give me rapid fire of 6 to 8 question. He also ask me about my location and other military related questions what ever I know I reply if don’t know I tell him sorry sir I don’t know. He tell me which subject you have good command I tell him sir right now I am not much with any graduation subject, you ask me current related question he start from gallawan valley issue. He also ask me why govt. repeal farm law. So after 45 minute he ask me that from my side conversation over if you want to ask anything I say no and leave the room.

About GTO in first day in first gd we have topic COVID 19 effect which sector more. In first gd I give good points in second gd topic related to army here I think I speak little more and may be some time aggression also. In gpe I complete second solution and time over in discussion I try to convince group to first decide priority and also discuss about distance and time. Group nominate one person for narration. In PGT I give 2 idea but due to not familiar with obstacle not get good ideas. In GOR I do one mistake when our snake pass through any way we have also need to go same way but at one abstacle I go from other side. So friends about GTO task before one day go through about all rules when gto narrates, he narrate very fast some time you skip any point and it is not go in your favor. In lecturrete I choose Health care sector in India. And speak well.

In HGT here also I give 2 ideas. About IO I start from commando walk complete all big obstacle because I have plan to complete big obstacle then complete others here also I do one mistake I skip barrel jump and repeat two obstacle so be careful about IO . In command task I have need to come out from circule GTO give two plank , in short chat he also ask me about coaching I tell him same . When I start command task I use my mind that why he give me two plank there is any reason . When he ask me why you choose these two subordinates I tell him that I will use their weight and we are good friends and really I use their weight to solve the task. Not anything new in FGT.

On 2 Dec we have a conference I have not any fear still I have hope for best and after 10 minute discussion they call me, first they ask me about where I am posted some other question regarding service. Then president ask me how your stay I say excellent he ask why excellent I tell him that I have good friends and enjoy volleyball watch movie he ask me which movie I tell him name. Then he ask excellent because you have nice mustache I say yes sir he ask me about any suggestion I say no and leave the room. Finally, a psychologist came and after guru gayan he ask chest no 1 and say saheb you got selected and leave the room .

So finally I am not make it but learn so many things and observe to myself and enjoy these five days. Yes we all friends also visit at Ganga river and enjoy bath . So finally it is nice journey and teach me many things and I remember these days as a good memories. All the best for all of you do well.

Thank you 

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