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Indian Navy Motto

“ The motto of the Indian Navy is ‘Shano Varuna’ — is a Sanskrit verse taken from ‘Taittiriya Upanishad’, which means ‘May the god of the oceans be auspicious unto us.’ शं नो वरुणः

Bhagavad Gita mentions ‘ Varuna’ as the god of oceans.

Arjuna says to God-incarnate Sri Krishna (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) in Chapter 11 verse 39: Book: Word of God Bhagavad Gita.

You are Vayu (the wind god), Yama (the god of death), Agni (the god of fire), Varuna (the god of the oceans), the Moon, Brahma (the Lord of Creation) and the grand-sire of all beings (being the First in Creation). Salutations and veneration to thy infinite Spirit, a thousand times.

The spirit of Lord Vishnu as Krishna-consciousness is glorified as the first in the Creation, as the originator of all beings. The same all-pervading Spirit is in the Fire, Wind, Oceans, Moon, and Yama (the god of death).

The deity of ‘Varuna’ is described as a Hindu god of the oceans; as well as the god of the law of the underwater world.

The origin of the deity ‘Varuna’ is stated in ancient Vedic Scriptures as the keeper of the souls of the drowned.

The Motto of the ‘Indian Air Force’ is enunciated in the book, “Word of God Bhagavad Gita.”

Arjuna says: “O Lord Krishna!… Seeing You in this form touching the sky, effulgent with many colors and mouths wide open with large fiery eyes, I am frightened, and I find no peace and solace.” (Book: Word of God Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 11 verse 24)

The above verse of Gita says: I see your Cosmic form of God touching the sky with glory: ‘nabhahsparasham — (touching the sky)diptam — (shining with glory)anekavarnam’ — (with many colours): — -touching the sky with glory, effulgent with many colours.

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