Situation Reaction Test – SET 8 Men, Recommended Candidate Responses

SRT 1 : You are moving along with a convoy to forward area and sitting at the back of the vehicle. You saw a flag car is speeding fast. What will u do…

1. Inform the driver to stop the convoy, meet the major general, follow according to the given instruction.

2. he will ask the driver to inform the convoy commander about the flag car, get it in line with the convoy at the same speed., reach the designated location safely and in time.

SRT 2 : While shooting a film, terrorists kidnapped the heroine. You are in charge of the ‘check post ‘ nearby the scene. What will you do…

  1. Lock the only checkpost to leave the city,inform the district HQ to come in opposite direction,chase them ,safely rescue her and caught the terrorist.
  1. He will inform the company commander through wireless, receive the order, went behind terrorist with his platoon of 10 soldier., engage in operation , kill the terrorist, secure the heroine and area of shooting.

SRT 3 :He had boarded a wrong train and came to know only when he was asked to pay money to TT. He….

1. Inform TT, pay the ticket fees, get down to the next station, board the correct train.

2. .He will pay the money, Board out on the next station, check the available train to his destination through trainman app. Board in a right train, reach to his destination

SRT 4 : You were going to examination hall and suddenly surrounded by 2 police man…….

1. Showed the TNPSC Admit card, verified my identity, went to exam.

2. He will cooperate with them, answer them whatever they ask, go to the exam center, give the exam.

SRT 5 : You are in cinema watching movie and theatre screen caught fire…….

1.  Inform his 4 cousins to evacuate the people from the hall safely, help the employee to put down the fire.

2. .He will shout to follow medium flooring to the fire exit gate, move out of cinema hall, help other people to get rescued. Called the fire brigade by calling 101.

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