Word Association Test -Words: September Series

As everyone knows every month we conduct one batch and we get results every time. SSBPsych complete focus is on the selection and the quality of results. We are sharing some of the responses of the candidates so that you can compare your responses with the ssbpsych candidate’s response. Through this activity, you will also learn and get one more step closer to your dream.


Passion with dedication translate into success
Leaders learn from history & apply today
March past in ncc is about coordination and teamwork.
Awards are reflection of hardwork with determination
Leader leads in life by learning from their mistakes..
Exercise helps one to get slim
National Youth Festival is a view of incredible culture of india.
Experience from seniors helped him succeed
Training days of the soldiers are their life long memories.
School days enriches life with best memories
Learning and improving from experiences makes one better
Trips with friends always memorable.
Officer made plans and strategies on the basis of experiences
Night camping in ncc camps with friends was fun
Learnings from past and moving forward is the life
Plantation drive aware students about environment
Freedom fighter bought Indians together to fight against british rule
Introspection helps one to get more comfortable with oneself
Traveling with family is accompanied with memories


Digitisation brought paradigm shift in the work culture
With planning, strategy & determination officer catch wood smugglers
listening rain sound with a cup of tea freshen our mind
Gig economy opened door for employment in many sectors
Tourists enjoy scenic view of himalayas from hotel’s window.
Nature gives calmness and peace to mind.
Surya namaskar Is A Combination of all Exercises.
Skill development open windows of opportunity
Hardwork opens the window of success
The best view comes after the hardest mountain climb
Home has biggest role in Indian youth formation
Consistent hardwork opens lots of opportunity.
Decorating houses with light during festival beautify society
observing nature from window seat is beautiful
emergency windows in train is for safety.
Chess player observe opponent’s move very closely.
.Always have a short window for doing yoga in ur daily life
Imagination can be printed by sketching.
Trip plans with neighbour are more jovial


62 Medals in CWG games reflects preparation & execution
mutual cooperation and brotherhood improves team performance
Article 15 provides equal status to citizens.
Consistency & committment are stepping stone of leaders
Programmers progess in career by completing coding tasks.
Education gives new insight.
Education Breaks The Chain of Poverty.
Future status depends upon present action
Well polished shoes signs your good personality
High moral values & upbringing brings status in the society
Honesty & Discipline builds self esteem
Skilled workforce uplifts economy of country.
Senior police officials checks security status before Dusshera event
womens solders the financial responsibility of the family.
Consistency and determination level up the personality.
Bonding among friends is irrespective of their status.
Supreme court treats every one equally.
Listening music make one more energetic
Yoga helps one to get fit

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Safety audit prevents occupational injuries in industry
Team captain takes responsibility of match lose
Realising mistake always improve us.
Coach share ideas to improve upon and win volleybal match
A Captain always guides teammate on their mistakes.
Strict laws reduces corruption
Formula maks Maths Problem Easy.
Acceptance is the first step of improvement
Burned Transformer at the roadside repaired by municipality.
Skillful surveying with theodolite give accurate results
Offline conversation resolves misunderstandings
Colleagues help eachother to debug issues.
Working in loop holes helped badminton team in winning the competition
Landforms formed by faulting in geography.
Short circuit is prevented by earthing
Basketball player improve their game by practice.
Winners always work on their faults.


Rectification in time avoid mechanical failure
Working on weakness leads to recommendation
Realising mistake always improve us.
Chinook grounded by USA due to technical issue in engine
A Captain always guides teammate on their mistakes.
Police assures justice to victims.
Regular Practice increase change of winning Baseball Match.
Through thinking helps in better implementation
Electrician fix the fault of AC
Eliminating faults gives great outputs
Failures makes one more resilient
Learning from fault helps to rectify them.
Senior tester helped junior in debugging python code
Landforms formed by faulting in geography.
Short circuit is prevented by earthing.
Basketball player improve their game by practice
Winners always work on their faults.
Ideas get popped by reading newspaper


Flat owner installed CCTV cameras for safety of all
Following trafic rules reduces chances of accident.
Following roadways signals give right direction.
Cyber team conducted 2 days program to prevent cyber fraud
Trekkers always carry portable tent as a precaution.
Planning and analysing helps one to get more effective.
Red is a Symbol of Power and Danger.
Partial knowledge is Dangerous
Children burn fire crackers closely.
Danger is eliminated by safety gears while trekking
Alertness & Observation prevents risks during Trekking
Leaders confidence boost team in tough times.
Police increases night patrolling team to prevent illegal activities
Officers trained juniors to face anything or everything.
Alertness minimizes danger.
NCC cadets have good knowledge on handling fire emergency.
Being alert is a solution to save oneself from Danger.
Taking risks reduces the chance of failure.
Leader motivates his team and overcome loss

Hopefully you must have got an idea the quality of sentences we write.

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