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Advance Medium Combat Aircraft

Advance medium combat aircraft generally known as AMCA  is the 5th generation medium range combat aircraft

It is designed by joint venture of DRDO (Aeronautical Development Agency ) , HAL & a private enterprise

AMCA is single seated, twin engines multi role fighter aircraft.

Estimated cost – Rs.15000 crore

Max. Speed – 2.15 Mach (2600 km/h )

It can cover distance of  3240 km with full fuel tank

Combat range of aircraft is 1620 km.

This aircraft will have rocket pod which can carry air to air missile like ASTRA ,air to surface missile like RUDRAM 1 & 23mm Gsh cannon gun.

This aircraft will be equipped with indigenously developed SUDARSAN laser guided bomb which having 100% precision to destroy the target .

This aircraft will be capable of Suppression of Enemy Air Defence (SEAD) & Electronic Warfare .

SEAD – it is the tool to destroy enemy air defence like surface  to air missiles , anti aircraft artillery ,Early warning radar system.

  • AMCA is having stealth mode technology , complex super cruise technology .

STEALTH MODE TECHNOLOGY – It is technology to avoid the detection of aircraft using various type of technologies to reduce emission of infrared , radio frequency etc.

Super cruise tech.– Where aircraft can fly at supersonic speed without using an afterburner.

  • There are only 7 aircraft in this world having complex super cruise technology –
  1. Dassault Rafale
  2. German aircraft Typhoon
  3. JAS 39 Gripen
  4. Northrop YF -23
  5. Virginia’s aircraft F22 Raftor and
  6. YF 22
  7. Concerde
  • AMCA will be the 8th aircraft having super cruise complex tech
  • The biggest feature of aircraft is its LOW CROSS SECTION AREA so that air intake of aircraft is designed like “S” alphabet.
  • Two diamond shaped trapezoidal wings which stabilize the aircraft during super sonic speed by cutting the air pressure at specific angle .
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