Picture Perception & Description Test – 9th Jan’22

Every Sunday we conduct PP&DT session at SSBPsych platform. Below are some of the stories candidates has written during the PPDT session. We are sharing the stories so that you can know what are the different ideas that comes in mind of candidates.

Story 1

Action:  Distributing and handling the work while on leave


Ajay 28 year old assistant incharge in 3.14 digital, Gurgaon was going to Somnath Gujarat on plane is Delhi with his family for one week ok so he had the the whole responsibility of handling the website so while he was on board hi he looked  a conference call with his team of five and ask them the work he had allotted before leaving he gave task so one person will find relevant keywords one will do backlinks one will find on page and when will work of page and other varied overview and he he need daily updates so that work is on time on his daily update while on trip the work went very well and was up to to do that and the allotted person did their work while he km cancel the work he was happy with team performance and appreciated them

Story 2

Action:  Help in passenger and saved her day


Sonu, 25, is a sales analyst and is going to Radhepur via train. Mobile ki he was travelling with his client, he observed women in lower berth as her bag was missing. Sonu immediately inquired about matter, took description offer bag like colour, size, any specific detail. Hi immediately informed it and told him. He also checked whole loggy of train along with other passengers and finally found it under other seat number 72. Gave it to her

Story 3

Action:  Protected a robbery


Rama was travelling to Delhi via train. She accompanied by a male who is completely stranger to her. As they were travelling, She got suspicious and heard him talking to someone on phone that he was planning to rob the bride on train on next station, where his partners will be accompanying him. She immediately got consiours an asked the TT to check the belonging of that man. The TT examined his luggage and found a knife and a chloroform bottle. As the ajmer station was nearby, he unboarded that man and handed him to the security guard. Then the required action was taken.

Story 4

Action:  Helping a man (who lost his belongings while travelling)


Raji is 23 year girl form ajmer. She is pursuing MA from DU. She was going to Delhi then she observe a person, who was tensed. Rajni try to start a conversation to find what is the problem. She find out during conversation that man lost his wallet and phone and do not know anything in delhi, so he has no source to call. So she lend him her phone to call his friend whom he was visiting in Delhi. After reaching delhi she help him to go to frind place via metro and suggest him the other ways and go to collage hostel.  

Story 5

Action:  Taking a call to control the corona cases


Rajeev who is an IPS officer of Indore, M.P. was on home after the job. He had an phone call of his colleague regarding the rising case of omicron in the city. He and his colleague discussed about the plan now they will work to control the rising case of omicron by not allowing people gathering, making everyone aware to take there corona vaccine shot and also awaring children of age  15-18 to take covid vaccine shot. So, they both decided that they will have this conversation with other members. And help the city in controlling the rising case of omicron. And next day he discussed it with other members and by he and his team member got in full action.

Story 6

Action:  Arranging finance for sisters education


Ashraf Saif was young 25 years old working professional started his career in the field of social sector as a programme manager in Tata trust. One day, while he returned from work, he saw his sister who was sad. After asking, t heard that she wants to pursue her further education in masters in technology to which her mother was not agreeing. Ashraf interacted with her mother, told her the importance of education for a woman and talk to his friends working in State Bank of India for education loan. After completing all the loan procedures, Ashraf caught her sister admitted in Amity university to pursue her masters in tech will specialization in CSS and enabled her now wings to fly

Story 7

Action:  Impressed by hard work


Rama was a poor girl from village. She was found of learning but had no money to pay for fee. So she used to work in train as a tea seller. One day as she was on her daily schedule, she faced a person who asked her why she didn’t go to school and selling tea. She said she is doing this to pay her fee. As he convinced her willingness to learn, he called his friend who was principal of school and ask him to get her admitted and he will bear that fee. Rama thanked him and joined that’s cool and completed her education.

Story 8

Action:  Trying to motivate his wife


Ravi was a IAS aspirant and always wanted to become and IAS officer. But due to some financial problem and not having proper backup he has to join a private job. Later he got married to puja who was also wanted to become IAS. Ravi motivated her wife to become IAS and supported her in every situation. When they are going to appear for exam puja was a bit nervous and so ravi calm her down and motivated her. She did well in her exam and finally became an IAS officer.

Story 9



Vijay is studying as mechanical engineering in Don Bosco in Mumbai. While travelling from Mumbai to Delhi to visit his grandparents by train. Tell he was on his seat he saw a lady looking for help. Came to know her ticket was not confirmed. He checked her ticket on pnr status again on phone. After knowing waiting ticket, he checked TT in train and asked for help. As there were no feet during journey he decided to let use his seat and adjust himself at night for same hours. Text rain reached morning 6:00 AM Delhi he packed took bag and asked lady if she didn’t get any problem. Later he helped her luggage when getting down. At station went to grandparents’ house at place nearby reached in 40 minutes

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