Word Association Test -Words: July Series

As everyone knows every month we conduct one batch and we get results every time. SSBPsych complete focus is on the selection and the quality of results. We are sharing some of the responses of the candidates so that you can compare your responses with the ssbpsych candidate’s response. Through this activity, you will also learn and get one more step closer to your dream.


Planning and collecting the materials for the project is the 1st step.
Goal is achieved by using resources wisely
Different plywood material available for Interiors.
Adventure camps plays a vital role in overall development of youth.
Infrastructure is the life line for nation development
SUPW class makes one learn about uses of different things
Shimla’s wodden cutlery can be used both for eating and decoration
Practicing speech in front of mirror gives command over body language.
Cotton material are soft and comfortable to wear
Spider hooks are best for carp fishing
M.laxmikanth is best book to study political science.
Chilling with friends in movie theatre gives joy
News channel provides useful knowledge.
Comfortable trekking shoes let one enjoy the treks at best.


Convincing friends for cycle trip is not easy as counting
A good dodgeball player focus on giving his best.
A teacher’s well thought statement boosts a students morale.
Load calculation is done before construction.
Trust is the base of a relationship between friends
Mothers make accurate monthly budgets.
Managers take calculated risk for business growth.
Little savings lead to big venture.
Railway station have lots of counter to buy ticket easily
Smart watch counts steps and displays calories burned
Good calculations is useful in day to day life
Number system is the easiest topic of maths.
Maths helps in coming in merit list.
Childhood is mostly filled with curiosity


A wise person resolve the matter by conversation.
A proper judgement by the leader solve the issue easily.
A leader having patience brings a good change in the society
Atom is smallest matter available on earth.
Guru makes a person complete for overall development
Friendship is based on mutual understanding and faith.
PWD ensures delivery of safe drinking water.
Captain clears the matters between teammates and motivates team to win the match.
Discuss matter before any decision is taken
Good idea gives beauty to presentation
Organic chemistry takes extra time for preparation.
Scientists work for the development of world.
Small matters resolves by negotiations.
Debate full of substance rich content is enjoyable

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Chess situations are similar to military situations.
One classmate do a mischief but the entire class take the punishment.
Teacher is convinced for sports period by proper justification
Supportive teammates help win football match
Father is the true source of inspiration
Players bonding helps in setting coordination in badminton doubles match.
Adventures are enjoyable with friends.
Sarpanch conducted awareness campaign on hybrid plants in village
Since from childhood rishi is my mate
Chennai region athletics meet in 2004 with teammate was memorable
Enjoying birthday party with friends makes happy.
Farewell party in College make emotional.
Friends motivate each other in life.
Cheerful friends makes karol tibba most enjoyable


A single loose screw ruin your science project.
Rope line is an adventurous activity.
Making swings on trees and swinging on them is amazing.
Buckle is used to hold tightly.
Discipline is the lifeline for development of a nation
Practice matches help in improving the strategy and game plan.
Volunteers take responsibility to get all electricity wires fixed before monsoon.
Oversized clothes are preferred in summer.
Never loose hope miracles are happen
Putting full effort to achieve targeted goal
Grip helps in playing good shot in cricket.
Levis jeans are comfortable to wear
Fitting clothes helps in looking attractive.
Hockey team captain motivated the player after loosing the practice match.

Hopefully you must have got an idea the quality of sentences we write.

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