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The Corps of Signals – Indian Army

The Corps of Signals is a crucial branch of the Indian Army responsible for providing communication and information technology support to the armed forces. Here are some key details about the Corps of Signals in the Indian Army:

  1. Role and Mission: The Corps of Signals plays a vital role in ensuring effective communication within the Indian Army and with other branches of the armed forces. Its primary mission is to establish, maintain, and operate all types of communication, information technology, and cyber infrastructure required for the Indian Army’s operations.
  2. History: The Corps of Signals has a long and distinguished history in the Indian Army. It was established during British colonial rule and has evolved over the years to adapt to modern communication technologies.
  3. Functions:
    • Combat Communications: The corps provides essential communication support to field formations, enabling commanders to coordinate and control their units effectively during operations.
    • Strategic Communications: It is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Army’s strategic communication network.
    • Information Technology: The corps manages and operates information technology infrastructure, including data centers, servers, and secure communication systems.
    • Cyber Operations: In the modern era, the Corps of Signals is also involved in cybersecurity operations to protect military networks from cyber threats.
  4. Training: The Corps of Signals has its own training center, the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE) in Mhow, Madhya Pradesh, where officers and personnel are trained in various aspects of communication and information technology.
  5. Motto: The motto of the Corps of Signals is “Teevra Chaukas” in Sanskrit, which translates to “Swift and Secure” in English.
  6. Specializations: Within the Corps of Signals, there are specialized units and capabilities, such as:
    • Electronic Warfare Units: Responsible for electronic countermeasures and electronic surveillance.
    • Cyber Units: Focused on cybersecurity and protecting military networks from cyber threats.
    • Air Defense Communication Units: Providing communication support to air defense operations.
  7. Modernization: The Corps of Signals continues to modernize its communication and information technology infrastructure to keep pace with advancements in technology and to ensure the security and efficiency of military communications.
  8. Participation in Operations: The corps plays a crucial role in various military operations, including peacekeeping missions and domestic disaster relief operations, where effective communication is essential.

Overall, the Corps of Signals is a critical component of the Indian Army, responsible for ensuring that communication and information technology capabilities are available to support military operations, decision-making, and coordination at all levels of command.

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