SSBPsych Live 20th June Batch – Online

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New Batch Date : 20th May, 2024
Course Timing : 6:30pm-9pm
Total Recommendation : #208 Recommendation

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Course Highlights :


Benefit from personalized one-on-one feedback.
Gain a deep understanding of the core concepts behind each image presented in the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) process.
Develop the ability to effortlessly craft five sentences for a single Word Association Test (WAT) word.
Grasp the logical foundations of every situation presented.
Learn to craft a unique and distinctive self-description that sets you apart.
Engage in unlimited psychology test practice to prepare for the real psychological assessment


Participate in over 7 mini-interviews, witnessing daily improvement.
Explore the rationale behind each answer and become an expert at recognizing patterns.
Cultivate confidence even in high-pressure scenarios.
Handle rapid-fire questions with ease.
Conclude with a main interview, recorded for your analysis and improvement.
Access mock interviews exclusively during the 25-day course duration.


Weekly Group Discussion sessions based on current SSB GD topics.
Develop expertise in calculating distances and times for Group Planning Exercises.
Our GTO trainers are among the best, ensuring our freshers surpass recommended candidates.
Learn at least 6 solutions for each outdoor task scenario.
Daily practice of the Lecturette component.

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  1. I am interested in an online SSB course , when is the next batch starting? Will be waiting for an update. Thankyou.

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