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SSB Psychology & Assessment Course

About the Course:

We have developed a system in which you can give SSB Psychology test in the same way it is conducted in the SSB. Once the test has started there is no way turning back. In this course you will get complete first guidance of psychology approach through our video lectures and then after you learn, you will get psychology test and PIQ form assessment.

Thematical Apperception Test – 54 Minutes

Word Association Test – 15 Minutes

Situation Reaction Test – 30 Minutes

Self Description – 15 Minutes

Total Duration of Test : -1 Hours 54 Minutes

The assessment will be provided to you in next 24-48 Hours.

Duration of assessment is 90 Minutes – 120 Minutes depending, also if it requires more we give more time.

One to one assessment is given.

Each TAT story is assessed and you will be helped with what you can do to improve.

We will let what is your strength and area of improvement.

How you can improve your sentences of WAT.

Approach and concept towards making the responses in situation reaction test.

Self Description being the important one in the psychology test, we will help you understand the concept of psychology and how it is linked with other process of SSB.

2 Hours of Detailed Assessment one to one is provided

  1. Enroll in the Course through this link
  2. Schedule the psychology test as per your availability.
  3. Share your responses through whatsapp/e-mail to us.
  4. In next 24-48 hours we coordinate and provide assessment.
  5. Entire assessment session is recording which will be shared with aspirant for revisions and analysis purpose.

What you need to do before giving Psychology Assessment

  1. Watch PIQ Course available in the digital course.
  2. Watch Self Description course available in the digital course

Vipul Sharma is three times recommended, twice from Indian Army (34 SSB Allahabad, 31 SSB Kapurthala) and once from Indian Navy (33 SSB Bhopal). He has trained many candidates who got recommended in their very first attempt and many candidates are two times recommended under his guidance. With double digits recommendation, he gives complete focus on the quality of teaching and motivates the students for achieving their goal.

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