Word Association Test Words : December Series Part 2

As everyone knows every month we conduct one batch and we get results every time. SSBPsych complete focus is on the selection and the quality of results. We are sharing some of the responses of the candidates so that you can compare your responses with the ssbpsych candidates response. Through this activity you will also learn and get one more step closer to your dream.


Dharamshala is a beautiful place to visit with loved ones.
Bogmola beach is a beautiful place in goa
Varanasi is famous for its beautiful ghats.
Visiting Kerala enhanced one’s knowledge about south culture.
Family is the place of selfless love, mutual understanding and satisfaction.
People visit nada sahib with family to seek blessings
Trip to Haridwar during summer season along with family is memorable
Dharamshala is a worth visiting place
Nashik is the place where south ganga originates.
Kashid beach in Alibaug is best place to enjoy with friends.
Trip to Padmanabh swami temple with colleagues brought great exposure to south culture.


The role of Head boy is to maintain the brotherhood and togetherness among fellow students
Everyone learns about different culture in Navy childrens school.
Organising sports day in school is always exciting. Education is undivided wealth.
The DMPS school trip to science museum , delhi was educational as well as fun .
Farewell organizing enhances mutual coordination between sections.
Debate competitions at MRA chd increase knowledge
School is the first stair of learning
School builds up foundation and future of children
For me Rachana Vidyala is a place where non blood relations started forming
A sports captain assigns responsibilities of football, nets, cricket kits to subordinates.
House captain plans and organizes cleanliness drive in school with team to ensure better hygiene
School gives opportunity to play volleyball at various competitions


Team cooperation leads to outstanding performance in every sphere.
Continuous practice and improvements for debate competition resulted into outstanding performance.
Confidently spoken debate is outstanding.
After attending ncc national camps one gets college color award
Babar azam gave his outstanding performance during T20 world cup
Outstanding achievement boost mural to excel in life
Alpha team in GS trophy showed outstanding performance
A Football team performance is outstanding when every player delivers.
Inter school cricket cup is won by team planning and coordination
Outstanding performance of Jennifer Lawrence in the movie spark made her win the best actress award

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Dav school uniform brings unity to among the students 2) a man is known by his dressing and addressing..
NCC uniform brings different responsibilities to the cadets.
Welcome dance dress add frills to performance.
Ncc cadets arrange their uniform in advance for drill competitions
Army uniform ask bravery, honesty, loyalty, and dignity
Uniform make all look equal in army
HPT Arts and RYK Science’s uniform represents peace and devotion
A house captain voice is lound and clear to order the troops for parade.
Air Force contingent wins republic day parade by preparation and team effort.
School unifrom is the symbol of equality among ourselves


Kho kho requires team coordination to win the match.
The badminton matches are helping in building good stamina .
Cricket captain strategies the plan and wins the match.
By Organising cricket matches in mohalla we get close to our neighbors
Kvs organize a cricket tournament during month of jun
Sports bring discipline in individuals development
Playing Antakshri with family releases your stress and boredom
Chess is all about castling with opponents mind.
Cricket captain analyzes and improves players’ game with coach to win matches.
Playing table tennis brings overall development of the individual


Organising world food day at college was interesting .Trying different styles of painting is very interesting.
Making items from waste materials is interesting as well as economical .
Volunteering in debate improves thinking and expressions.
Talks with elders are always interesting
Innovative people make history
Reading, writing are good interests to build imagination
Everyday gymming makes you physically and mentally fit.
Reading the hindu articles regularly widens ones perspective.
Reading books like ‘Steve Jobs:A man who thought different ‘ imbibes leadership quality.
Garden is a place where one gets place to think looking ath the flowers


Participation in stage play builds confidence.
Extra curricular activities introduced by the principal ensured the overall development of students .
Extra curricular participation incucates team spirit and enthusiasm.
In Basic mountaineering course one learns rope knotes
Shane watson like to play guitar alongwith his sports
Extra curricular activities brings ability to perform in various field
Vermicompost can be simple and better idea to save environment.
Singing group needs to sing in sync for melodious performance.
Inter school quiz competition is won by group study and quick answering tactics..
The movement of the boat in the rapid flowing water during river rafting makes oneself go excited


Class representative is responsible for coordination between teachers and students. 2) rank and responsibility go together .
The class monitor followed his responsibilities honestly.
Prefect ensures discipline and smooth interoperability in classes
A student Takes tuitions parallel to self competition exams to become self dependent
APJ was a responsible leader
Assisting my brother in study is my responsibility
In the absence of teacher moniter can maintain silence in classroom
A student prepares and scores consistently good in academics.
Financing sister’s education with 4 lakh rupees helped her to complete degree and get job.
Taking responsibility rather than blammiingvis always good


Participating in debate sharpens the speaking skills. knife is an important tool for trekking .
Participating in different activities makes one’s mind sharp .
Knife tectics are apt option for self defence
Khukri is the pride of gurkhas
Capt Vikram Batra killed the enemy with his khukhri and capture tiger hill
Multi purpose knife helps in survival in jungal
By trekking one can cut out his distractions and can feel relaxed
Securing top rank in maths talent search exam in district requires consistent practice.
Capt Manoj Pandey killed enemies with khukri and captured Khalubar post in kargil war.
Sharp knife make cutting Vegetables easier

Hopefully you must have got an idea the quality of sentence we write.

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