SSB Interview : Why Questions

Below are the list of Why questions that can be asked in the SSB Interview.

  1. Why you changed your school after 10th class?
  2. Why you have selected science stream after 10th class?
  3. Why you have scored less marks in 12th as compare to 10th class?
  4. Why you failed in Mathematics or some other school exam if any?
  5. Why there is lack of participation in extracurricular activities in school?
  6. Why your percentage is so low?
  7. Why you have taken a year gap after completing 12th class?
  8. Why you have taken biology?
  9. Why you have not taken Maths after 10th class?
  1. Why you choose to do B.Sc but not B.Tech?
  2. Why you choose particular computer science (or any stream) in college?
  3. Why you have secured less marks in graduation?
  4. Why you choose engineering after 12th class?
  5. Why you have taken admission in post-graduation?
  6. Why you changed your stream in second year of your college?
  7. Why you have opted for diploma course?
  1. Why do you want to join defence forces?
  2. Why you haven’t give NDA exam?
  3. Out of all three armed forces which force do you want to join first and why?
  4. Why you were not recommended in last attempt?
  5. Why you were not able to clear NDA exam?
  6. Why you were not able to get a seat in IIT?
  7. Why you were not able to clear GATE/CAT or any exam after graduation?
  8. Why you are still unemployed after completing your college?
  9. Why you were not able to clear AFCAT/CDS/CAPF or any govt. exam?
  1. Why you have enrolled in NSS but not NCC?
  2. Why you have not enrolled in NCC?

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