10 WAT Sentences on 1 Word – Set 2

Understanding WAT

Before one write sentence just after seeing the word. But one must understand the meaning of “association” in word association test. So it is like after seeing the word, how you are relating yourself to that word.

So below are the some of the examples where on single word how different responses aspirants have related.


Optimistic approach of Ram helped his team in winning the match.
Optimists see every hurdle as opportunity
An optimistic behaviour helps us in achieving great results.
Leaders are always optimistic about their goals
Optimism lies in solution oriented mind
Optimistic attitude towards life gives positive results
Teacher are opitimistic for student future
Optimistic person always thinks of a practical way for the problem.
Optimistic mindset solves problems easily
Success change the level of optimism.


The lead character in the movie showed unbending loyalty.
Officers lead to battalions in armed forces
Regular practice of public speaking lead to success speach
Handball team leads to victory with their attacking strategy
A good decision will always lead to good results.
Captain lead its team with a bonus in kabbadi
Ncc captain lead in RDC camp and won with team efforts
A good leader always do his duty.
Self confidencec help to lead troops from front.
Leader leads his team from the front


Captain said to kill the engine as something got stuck in ship motor.
Today’s independence is on sacrifice of our bravehearts
Strog Judicial system make crime free countrie
Brushing your teeth regularly kills bacteria.
Soldiers kill terriorists to defend our country
Good general knowledge kills distrust from an individual
One has to kill his comfort limits to achieve big in life.
Corona warriors help nation people during lockdown.
Killing wrong habits needs determination
Cleaning the surroundings clean kept mosquitos away.


Captain have greater responsibility than others in team
Head boy organised the annual function
Captained motivated all and won the football match
Virat kohli always leads India from the front
Captain is the one who supports his team any every circumstances
Understanding or planing make good captain.
Captain is not the owner but he is the one who leads the team
Captaining volley team in school gave good experience
merchant navy sailor came back with gifts for friends and family
Hockey team captain leads his team from the front


During rainy season water was released from Dam.
Night walk with mother releases stress brings calmness
Govt. Release covid-19 guidelines for safety
NCC cadets displayed career in defence to orphanage children
Criminals are released after completing their certain period.
Release your hesitation and work towards success
Meditation releases negative energy in us.
Water released from hathnikund barrage enters yamuna
Daily 2 hrs exercise reduces stress and laziness.
Covid Vaccination reducing the covid cases everyday.


Lion is the king of the jungle.
King of the village make development in his area
People choose representative in democracy
A true leader always think of its team first
Leader always make soldier moral high
Ashoka is known as the king of all times.
Mercy was the biggest attribute that king Vikramaditya had.
Chandragupta maurya was courageous leader
King takes a responsibility of his people
King Ashoka stopped child marriage in his empire


Walking in morning a good exercise for health
Morning walk gives a good start
Daily workout keep body enthusiastic
Evening walk is rejuvenating activity.
Going for a walk early morning refreshes our mind
Brisk walking is important for burning calories
Walk with friends make day wonderfull.
Walk towards ur destiny by working towards ur goals
Morning walks are blissful for whole day
Walking through hardships is a part of success


Classical music soothes the ears.
Sufi music gives peace to the mind
Acoustic music brings joy while travelling
Music reduces stress.
Listening music helps to calm our mind
Music makes me fresh and energetic
Listening to music reduces stress and anxiety.
Music has a healing power as i have experienced it.
Children gave dance performance on parent’s anniversary
Listening the meditation music soothens the mind.


Knowing many languages a good skill
Knowing different languages help us to communicate well.
Sign language is a art of expression
Dog requires no language to express their love towards their owner
Regional languages helps in socialising more
Sanskrit language in school taught alot about rich india
Knowing multiple languages helps while travelling.
Language helps to connect with society
Tourist guide helps to understand nagaland tribe’s culture.
Good person never loose his words while talking to others.


Ram decided to meet Shyam in evening.
Manager of company hold meetings for all workers for discuss about items
Virtual meets are preferred in pandemics
Meeting with school friends rejuvenate the mood
Meeting friends after the lockddown is a bliss.
Watching movies with friends in theatre is fun
Meeting with friends make memorable moments.
Meeting new people gives new experience
Meeting the goals needs great determination.
Bilateral meetings builds relations with nation’s.

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