Situation Reaction Test – SET 7 Men, Recommended Candidate Responses

SRT 1 : You are at unknown city and lost your purse. You need money. As a stranger how will u manage? . . . . . .

1. Use the phonepe to book a return ticket to Coimbatore from Kapurthala.

2. He will go to a cyber cafe, tell his issue, convince him to give him 5000 cash, transfer the money through UPI to his account. Thanked him, call the bank to block his cards, Lodge FIR on a nearby police station, complete his work, Reach back home, apply for new cards.

SRT 2 : He was travelling by a train & suddenly a person snatches purse from lady & jumps out of train. . 

  1. Inform his younger brother to pull the chain to stop the moving train from station,shouted alerted everyone caught him,handed him to RPF.
  1. He will shout in the coach to pull the chain, jump onto the platform from slow moving train, run behind him , catch him , beat him, handed over him to RPF, returned the bag to lady, continued his journey.

SRT 3 :He urgently needed of money. He..

1. Inform father and got 15000 for his riffle club registration.

2. He will call his friend, ask for money from him through google pay, tell him the issue, return him by the next day.

SRT 4 : Just two days before the semifinals of the bridge tournament, his partner was called by his parents and had to go

1. Used the substitute player, played the ball badminton finals, won it, went to his friends home help him with the last rituals of his late grandfather.

2. He will take a partner from the reserve team, practicer day and night with him, establish coordination. played the semifinal, win it, move to the finals, winning it too.

SRT 5 : While canvassing for a particular candidate in election you were threatened by opposition……..

1. Followed the rules, confidently kept his party objectives, won it.

2. He will continue his work, Talk with the opposition party, settle with them with a respective area of the rally, do their independent rallies, fought elections for his friend ethically. The election result was in favor of his friend

SRT 6 : He was on his way to railway station to catch a train; suddenly a car passes by and throws a person out of the running car. He……

1. Help the injured, inform his brother to take him to hospital in their car, noted the car number, inform the police through call, he took an auto to reach the railway station.

2. He will stop his taxi, take that person in the taxi, leave him at a nearby hospital, help him inform police through 100, get to the railway station and catch the next train which is 30 min later. Reach to his place, did his work.

SRT 7 :You saw a small boy pushing another into water pool……

1. He took both his cousins inside the pool with a life jacket, taught them swimming, enjoyed it.

2. Stop both of them, scold them for such mischiefs, teach them, the adversaries of drowning, continue their swimming, ask the swimming coach to have an eye on those two boys.

SRT 8 :There is a person who sells smuggled goods. You too, like many others, have purchased a wristwatch from him. But it doesn’t work. You..

1. Took the watch with the bill, returned it, got the money back, did not purchase from next time.

2. He will get back to him, return the watch, get his money back, inform police 100, get him caught. Moved for his work.

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