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Indian Army to Adopt New Combat Uniform in 2022

The Army has decided to introduce a new digital pattern combat uniform for officers and men from next year. The New ‘Digital disruptive pattern’ combat uniform is ‘lighter, more climate-friendly and suitable’ for the terrain in which the force operates.

The new camouflage fatigues, with a mix of colors from earthen to olive, will be showcased for the first time during the Army Day Parade on January 15.

The new combat dress has been finalized after extensive deliberations, which included consultations with the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), and a study of the military uniforms of other countries

said an officer on Wednesday.

These uniforms are camouflaged, either in monochrome such as shades of green or brown to blend in with the background or in a disruptive pattern like what the Indian Navy and certain central armed police forces have. The implementation of the new uniform, which has been shortlisted after a study focused on various uniforms worn by major Armies across the world, will be rolled out next year itself and it will cater to both officers and men.

The shirt will also not be tucked into the trouser in the new combat uniform. But it is as yet unclear whether the present shiny stars, badges, and accouterments, worn by officers on shoulders and collar tabs, will be blackened for better camouflage.

The overall aim is to have a combat dress that is more comfortable in both summers and winters, durable and provides better camouflage. A new regular uniform to replace the present one is also in the works

said another officer

The Navy had introduced a digital camouflage-pattern uniform last year to replace its earlier light-blue half-sleeve shirt and navy-blue trousers. The Army, Navy, and IAF have different sets of uniforms to be worn on different occasions. While officers get Rs 20,000 as the annual “basic dress allowance”, which includes shoes, the other ranks get Rs 10,000. Any special clothing for high-altitude areas like the Siachen Glacier-Saltoro Ridge region, submarines, and the like is provided by the government.

The change in the Army’s combat dress also comes in the backdrop of the defence ministry repeatedly asking all ministries and states to not allow their uniformed personnel to wear camouflage fatigues akin to the force. “This unnecessarily leads to false alarms that the Army has been deployed for crowd control or other law and order duties,” said an officer

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