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Weapon of Mass Destruction

  • There is no appropriate definition of Weapon of Mass Destruction but it generally known as NBC Weapons ( Nuclear ,Biological & chemical ).
  • According to United States Department of Homeland Security – A weapon of mass destruction is a nuclear , radiological , chemical , biological or other device which harm large no. of people.
  • There are various treaties related to weapon of mass destruction :-
    1. Biological weapons Convention (BWC) & Chemical Weapon Convention (CBC).
    1. Non -proliferation treaty (NPT) to prevention from nuclear weapons .
    2. Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) – to restrict the use of nuclear weapons by very less country .
    3. Treaty on Banning Nuclear Weapon Test in atmosphere.
    4. Partial Test Ban Treaty – it prohibits the test of nuclear weapons in outer space and under water.
  • The purpose of all international treaties to restrict the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction .

Weapon of Mass Destruction & its delivery system Act 2005 :-

  • In India – WMD Act 2005 regulates weapon of mass destruction.
  • The list of weapons under weapon of mass destruction defines in section 4.
  • The weapons are as biological weapons , chemical weapons.
  • It prohibits the unlawful activities in relation to WMD & their delivery system.
  • Unlawful activities – manufacturing ,export ,transport or transfer weapons of WMD.
  • Section 8 of WMD Act 2005 :- No individual shall unlawfully manufacture , possess , develop or transport of nuclear , biological & chemical weapons or other explosive device & their means of delivery .
  • Section 9 of WMD Act 2005:- No person shall directly or indirectly transfer any material ,equipment , technology to terrorist .
  • Section 14 of WMD Act 2005:- Any person found in illegal activities under section 8 shall be punished for 5 years up to life imprisonment and some fine .
  • Section 15 of WMD Act 2005:- Any person who found in helping terrorists under Section 9 shall be punished for 5 years up to life time imprisonment and some fine.

Weapons of Mass Destruction & their Delivery System Amendment Act 2022 :-

  • Prohibition on financing
  • Section 12A is added in this act – No person shall finance any activity which prohibited under this act.
  • For prevention of financing by person , the Govt. shall have power to freeze , seize or attach funds .

Tsar Bomba is the world most powerful nuclear weapon of mass destruction . It exploded 4 km above the ground and produce mushroom cloud 60 km high .

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