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In the country of approx. 1.4 billion people the security and protection lies on the bold shoulders of The Indian Army .It also known for largest standing army ,Purely volunteer having 1.3 million soldiers ,The head of the Indian Armed force is the first citizen of India i.e President of India .

Indian soldiers serving with the British Army, at camp during World War I, 1916

The Indian was British commanded Army until the independence .In1776 the military department has been created in Kolkata by East India company .The Army in the presidencies of Bengal , Bombay, Madras functions as respective presidency Armies until 1 April 1895 after that they unified and raised as The Indian Army .It had fought several War like Indo -Pak, Sino-Indian War ,Indo Pak War and the Indo -Pak Kargil War .

Indian army have seven commands That are Northern Commend (Udhampur) ,eastern command (Kolkata),southern command(Pune) ,south western command(Jaipur), western command(Chandimandir) ,training command (Shimla)and central command (Delhi).

As having a huge army it requires ample amount of arms like the combat vehicles, missile system for fulfilment of this requirement we have inducted many arms like the S400 ‘s second slot and to be placed in Rajasthan coming towards the Rafale deal with France not only fulfilled our requirement of fighting jet but also strengthen the relations among both the nations

Also Indian Army is Helping in strengthening the economy as Indian has just going to export PInaka missile to Armenia categorized in three as: 1)Pinaka 2)Pinaka ER(extended range) 3)Pinaka guided missile .As well as to Nigeria and Indonesia  ,Adding to it India ordered 47,627 BPG’s to Tata ,

The On going Defiance Expo in Gandhinagar not only strengthen the Indian arms manufacturers but also provide and fulfill the requirement of Indian Army .the arms exhibition includes MBT Arjun Mk1A ,Worlds best supersonic cruise missile BRAHMOS ,The tactical missile PRALAY

Indian army to procure 1000 surveillance copter Recently India has signed a MOU for 100 Tejas and even going to provide transfer of technology and Local production Line .

Indian Army have its head quarter in Delhi the chief of Defense staff heads the force and only four star general who can serve till the age of 62 or 3 years in chair , IA Have several Corps Like Army service corps ,Army ordnance corps , corps of EME ,Army Medical Corps Army Postal Corps ,Corps of military Police etc.

Have anti tank missile Nag, Milan and combat vehicles like ARJUN ,Bhishma,T-55,T-90 etc.

Indian Army Plays a vital role in securing the nation as well as in the field of Economic development the achievement like Kargil war depicts the strength of the force even the trust of whole citizens boots the confidence of soldiers ,As the Indian is land of Brave Hearts and Great leaders Like Shivaji Maharaj ,Maharana Pratap etc . which acts as back bone of IA.

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