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Recommended in First Attempt – Allahabad

Fresher Candidate Experience

Hi Everyone, my name is Sidhant. I got recommended from 18 SSB Allahabad on 4 February 2023 for NDA entry. I am going to share my 5 days SSB experience and tell you guys what I learned in those days. In our batch there was a reporting of 101 in which 43 were screened in and at last 9 were recommended.


I reported on 31st January at around 6:00 am and after Documentation check I was given chest no.15 and all of us were seated to give our OIR(Officers Intelligence Rating)test. As I had practiced OIR from the SSBPSYCH app so it was pretty easy for me and I completed both the OIR before time . We were given 90 questions and 45 minutes to complete the both. In the next test (PPDT) the picture was kind of blurry and I perceived 2 man carrying a wounded person so I wrote about a fire accident and a team of fireman evacuating the building and helping the wounded. I was able to complete the story and during narration we were divided in groups of 16 and I was able to narrate my story very confidently and fluently. In GD there was a fish market so the group was divided in 2 and we all were able to put up your points and I was even able to stop the fish market during few instances  in the GD. The common story was decided as a rescue mission by NDRF as majority of the group had the same story. Then out of 101 candidates 43 were screened in and I was given chest no.19


In pysch, I was able to complete all of my 12 TAT(Thematic Apperception Test) Stories in time with proper actions and solutions with a good handwriting. I did around 54/60 WAT(Word Association Test) and mostly related the WAT with my PIQ and the “cheat sheet” that Vipul Sir told us to make. During SRTs I tried to put myself in the situation that was given which gave me a good idea for my reaction to that situation. I was able to do 33/60 but my solutions were thorough and the best I could have written. As I had prepared my SD(self-Description)  beforehand so it was pretty easy to complete it in given time. I would rate my Psychology a 10/10 as the answers were the best I could have written.

My Interview was on the same day at around 7:30 pm


I was the last student of the day to get interviewed and it started around 7:30 pm and was of around 1 hour 10 minutes. My interview started with simple CIQ which were related to my family background, sports, co-curricular activities and education background. Some Geo-politic questions were asked which were later connected to some current affair questions. At last he asked me Questions related to army and my ambitions if I join the defense forces. I gave answers to most of the questions confidently and was pretty confident after my interview. The only moment he tried to put pressure on me was when I told him about my injury issues which happened during my Taekwondo practices but I was able to make the IO understand about my Physical Health right now and even about my ability to run for a long period of time. 


On the third day 6 of the GTO tasks were completed. In the First 2 GD(Group Discussions) the topics were moderate so I was able to give quite a good points and at a moment in both the GD the whole group was listening to me for more than 30 seconds. In GPE(Group planning Exercise)  as Vipul sir had already taught us about how to use the information provided and to use speed, distance, time to make our solution better so I did the same and even took good participation in GD and was able to come to a common group solution. During PGT(Progressive Group Task) and HGT(Half Group Task) I was able to give quite a few solutions and even helped my group mates when they were trying to give or implement their solutions. In GOR(Group Obstacle Race) my group came up with the warcry-“Bajrang Bali ki Jai” and we were shouting our warcry the whole time and were basically having fun during the whole GOR. At last there was Lecturette, I chose “Lockdown and Its Effects”, said about the reason of Lockdown, Positives, Negatives, and about my personal experience. I completed my Lecturette at exactly 3 minutes and After day 3 i was pretty confident about doing good the next GTO day too


On 4th day, firstly we had our IO(Individual Obstacles) and during the briefing only I made up my route to complete the obstacles. I was able to do 11 obstacles with repeating the commando walk once. My command task was good and I was given a pretty hard task and the officer was increasing the difficulty with every solution but I was able to give solution pretty easily thanks to Vipul sir.FGT(Full Group Task) of my group was pretty quick and was completed in a few minutes. I would rate my GTO 9.5/10 because of few blunders by my group in PGT but at the end all was great.


I waited for around 10 minutes before my conference and during the conference basic questions like meaning of my name, why I want to join the armed forces and why I don’t have a surname were asked. My conference went on for 5 minutes and I was more confident about my selection after my conference. A total of 9 candidates were recommended out of 43 and the happiness has continued since the day I was recommended.

At last I would like to thank Vipul sir, Priya mam and my family for supporting me during my journey of NDA and SSB.

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