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Jalandhar Recommendation

I was my 2nd  Attempt , first attempt was for NDA in which I got CNF out. My SSB was in Jalandhar On 27Th of JULY 2023 . I was Very Excited because I was going for SSB after 4 years, in some sense I was a freshers.

With my heart full of excitement, I reported at the centre and the Stage 1 Testing started, Jalandhar as a board was very efficient in documentation, no one was document out.

Screening process went on Smoothly

– had practiced for OIR well enough to do it effectively in time

– perceived the picture correctly, connected with myself to write a story

– practiced narration repeatedly till we were called for GD

– Ensured that I narrate the story crisply within 50 seconds

– participated actively in GD, It was a mess in the starting, group got divided -aces the discussion

Was confident that I will get screened-in but during the announcement the heart was beating because of the random order of result announcements.

Finally got screened-in with me there were 39 other who got screened-in (2 freshers,8 previously recommended and rest all repeaters)


Recollected all the stories and the experiences I had ,the themes I had practiced ,everything  in my mind before the PSYCH.

TAT-completed all the stories with sufficient actions and revolving around my own experiences and knowledge.

WAT- could only complete 55 words (Cheat sheet helped a lot)

SRT-never practiced SRT that much, with all my efforts, was able to complete 31 SRTs only.  😊

SD- Completed it on time, with beautiful handwriting.

Day-3 & 4 (GTO)

GD topics:

1. India is emerging as a developing nation which factor should be focused on more



Financial institutions

2. Societies are growing in world like Europe and America, etc. What do you think is the main reason:




In both the topics, I was able to actively participate, make sure my point was heard,

As sir said, ensured that when I was putting forth my point, it was only me speaking in the group,

 GPE– wrote the GPE In well-structured format with all the details including distance and timing, GPE discussion was a mess for our group, I stayed calm added one point only.


PGT- Initial 1-2 obstacles and structures were very easy was in the back holding the load But group got stuck in the 3rd one, passes the load to subordinate and gave a suggestion and came forward.

Then no going back, within 3-4 min completed the whole PGT, the structures were very easy , if you understand the concept of base and support .

HGT-same thing happened gave the initial solution and gave chance to others to implement there solutions as well, the solution was not that perfect, GTO asked for another solution, Gave him the best possible solution.

FGT-was helping all my group members, was controlling myself , to not be over-dominating as the structures were very easy for me(but again group got stuck and for more than 5-6 min all were , giving base-less solutions ), the GTO was looking at me , I gave the solution and the task was completed.

  • The concept of base and support taught by Vipul sir was very affective in these tasks.

CT– The CT was quiet challenging for me, initially I was blank , how to approach it , but with simple steps taught by Vipul sir ,was able to complete it. The GTO was adamant that he will not allow me to complete the CT by increasing the difficulty but smoothly completed the CT without taking any pressure.


My interview was on 2nd day, the interviewer was the president of the board and was very wise and very efficient in the complete process, the interview went for almost 30-40 min. All CIQ, some Random questions about my Job and some geo political questions, I have a background of computer science but he didn’t ask me anything related to it.

He asked me about my future plans and my choice of arms and unit I would like to join.

The interviewer never tried to pressurise me or maybe I was not feeling the pressure.

All went very smoothly, after my interview I was very confident and happy with my attempt and answers.

DAY 5 Conference

MY chest no was 21, from chest no 1-20 it was more than 1 hour of waiting and when I entered the CNF hall of Jalandhar , I was mesmerised by the grandeur of the room, the room was huge and was all wooden architecture and well decorated, then my focus went to the Commandant sitting at the middle and beside him was the board president and deputy, all of them were smiling , I saw my GTO , who was the youngest among them all. One of the additional IO asked me 1 suggestion for the Board (told them to add 1 additional water tank in 32-SSB) and Ta-Ta Bye-Bye the CNF was over.

Now, even though I was confident with my performance listening to other candidates I got confused, they all were discussing about there waiting time and different types of SRT and questions they were asked during their CNF.

Shortly after 20 min.

The results were announced, and I got recommend.

In total 7 of us got recommended (4 PR and 3 repeaters)

I was a vibrant batch with amazing batch mates!

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