Picture Perception & Description Test – 19th December 2021

Every Sunday we conduct PP&DT session at SSBPsych platform. Below are some of the stories candidates has written during the ppdt session. We are sharing the stories so that you can know what are the different ideas that comes in mind of candidates.

First Story

Action:  Taking care of grandmother


Janes was a B.Sc food tech final year student of Lady Jrwin college. Since few days she noticed her grandmother facing difficulty in doing daily household work like ironing and waving. She discussed with parent s and decided to take her to eye check-up. She called Dr. Pratap and booked an appointment at Pratap eye center. Next day she along with father visited doctor and get grandmother diagnosed and it was found she was having cataract. After doctor’s consultation they get her operation done. Meanwhile she took good care of her, cooked healthy food for her, gave her medicines on time and followed all precaution. In the evening family spent quality time with her. For her college hours she explained precautions and medicines to her mother so in her absence she can look after grandmother. During weekends she took grandmother to morning walk. Slowly with family’s effort her grandmother’s eyesight became normal and she further took good care of her eyes.

Second Story

Action:  Helping the old man to head wound


Sumit works at security management and has completed his night shift & went to his rest house for taking some short sleep & his rent owner was giving to work but he has mistakenly burnt his le while ironing cloth & short circuit happened , he informed sumit , Sumite woke up, took first aid from owner & healed wound with band-aid & immediately , he went outside, switch off main supply.

Story Third

Action:  Treating a patient


Dr. Rajat Sharma was a well-known doctor in his area. One day a patient came for treatment who was injured badly due to sports practice. Dr. Rajat treated him properly and after one week he became fine and came for routine check-up. After routine check-up Dr. told that he is fine to play sports and after that Jayesh went on to play sports and won the football match of his college and he also thank Dr. Rajat for the treatment

Story 4

Action:  Steps taking for cure insomnia


Rohit Jain was working in TCS Mumbai. Due to his late-night work, he got a problem of insomnia. He consulted this problem with his friends & family. Later they suggested him to visit to Rajiv Gandhi hospital to a physician. He visited their later by his various therapy, he was able to overcome his insomnia. He take proper medicine & improve it his diet & start work out for stress relief every weekend he visit for therapy & with in 2 month fixed his insomnia issue. Later he stay healthy and continued his work in his company.

Story 5

Action:  Treating the patient, and helping the recover


Ajay age 23 years is a college going boy he has his evening extra volleyball practice, once while coming from the college. He gave a call for his mother, he did got a response he immediately checked all bedroom and found her mother lying on the bed he asked his mum what happened, she as not answering clearly, her voice was low, he checked the temperature, he found the temperature to b hot he immediately called doctor told her about the temperature, doctor took out the to scope checked heart rate, and temperature and told ajay its just fever and due to weakness.

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