Situation Reaction Test – SET 3 Men, Recommended Candidate Responses

SRT 1 : You are on the way to your home suddenly your bicycle got punctured. You…

1. Got the cycle repaired in the cycle repair shop ,went to home 10 min late, inform mother about the puncture.

2. He will ask a tea stall owner about nearby cycle repair shop, follow his direction,get puncture repaired, get back home.

SRT 2 : Your brother wants to get admission in a medical college but his marks falls short by 1% for admission. u

  1. Motivate him to prepare for NEET exam,paid fees for his coaching in JAT Academy,cleared NEET in 2 attempt,joined through merit marks.
  1. He will use the water stored by rain water harvesting during rains, Ask everybody in district to store water in rains to tackle draught.

SRT 3 :Severe drought conditions were prevailing in your district…..

1. Used bore water for bathing and washing clothes,took 50ltr sintex to store drinking water.

2. He will use the water stored by rain water harvesting during rains, Ask everybody in district to store water in rains to tackle draught.

SRT 4 : Young men are not interested in joining defense forces.What incentive would you offer to lure them?exam. You…

1. He will arrange for a one  day field trip to Artillery unit in coimbatore,students motivated after seeing the working of Artillery gun,insas rifle in the camp.

2. He will give presentation about various discipline in forces, the facilities, different entries to get into forces,  in last tell them about the honour of uniform and nation is carried by a soldier, motivate them.

SRT 5 : He was watching a movie in the cinema hall. He sees a snake in front of his legs. He..

1. Crush its head with his booted shoes ,alerted the employee about it,helped them with the further actions.

2. He will fold his leg on seat, Shout loud to people fold leg on the seat due to a snake,ask everybody to maintain silence,, took out his boot, hit snake head, kill the snake, ask security guard to move snake out.

SRT 6 : You are a handsome, smart and brave young ‘army officer’. You fall in love with the girl of another community. But your parents oppose the proposal. You …

1. Took his family to the The Garden restaurant ,ask her to come in pilot uniform,convince his parents for marriage.

2. He will talk with parents, tell them about girl maturity and ability to adapt in family, as open minded parents, they agreed on terms of their relationship, they get married.

SRT 7 :If some of your friend cracks a joke on you in presence of your girlfriend, what will you do..

1. Crack his childhood mistakes jokes and laugh together

2. He will laugh and enjoy the joyfull moment.

SRT 8 :He see a snake moving near to the bed where his younger brother is sleeping, when he enters his room.

1. Took the bamboo stick,kill it with crushing its head,alert everyone ,check the home,ensure the safety went to bed.

2. He will take his bat, hit snake head, kill it, later pack it in a plastic container, dump under sand near to jungle area.

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