Word Association Test

Understanding WAT

Before one write sentence just after seeing the word. But one must understand the meaning of “association” in word association test. So it is like after seeing the word, how you are relating yourself to that word.

So below are the some of the examples where on single word how different responses aspirants have related.


Siblings helped each other in maths exam.
Childrens should take responsibility of their parents when they are old.
Students completed the science project in 2 days.
Joining NSS increased social adaptability.
Habit of completing the task, makes person responsible.
Daughter helps mother in cleaning during diwali.
Climate change is real, it requires everyone to be responsible to it.
Good manners reflect the personality of a person.
Parents teach good manners to their children’s.

Some of the sentences you will be able to relate and some of the sentences you won’t. And that’s because you don’t know the person who has written the sentences, but psychologist knows. The purpose of psychology test is to tell about yourself more and more. Let’s take more examples. And Join SSBPsych if you truely looking for improvment.


Hockey team won the match together.
By working in a team for Group project, one can learn many things.
Doing job and Studying simultaneously teaches good time management.
Cooperation between team is imp in the football game.
Players played together to win the hockey match
coach guided players to win inter school kho kho
Mutual cooperation amongst teammates increases efficiency
Social distancing in covid helps india in low active cases.
Performance of a team depends upon mutual cooperation


Proper patrolling reduces crimes
Police work really hard to keep the people safe.
Consistent Hard Work results in success.
Martyr soldiers should always be remembered for their sacrifice.
Good citizens abide by the laws of the country
soldier sacrifice his life for motherland
Imparting education reduces crime rates
1.Government allows leave to police to reduce stress. 2.
Every accused should be punished by the court


Swimmer practiced daily to win jal tarang competition
A football teams captain’s responsible to keep the team undar an umbrella.
2. Dhoni took the strike at the end and won the match.
3. Playing casual cricket with friends keeps you fit as well as happy.
Outdoor games teach team work
volleyball is a game of cooperation
Playing football keeps person physically fit
Shot put increase shoulder strength.
Fitness makes sports person to further excel their performance


Dhoni took the team to win the world cup.
Leading a football team and Winning the tournament gives goosebumps.
Winning always doesn’t matter but learning does.
Engineering not only teaches technology it also teaches life.
Head boy organised the annual function
officer treates his company as a family
Taking spontaneous decisions shows leadership
Rani lakshmi bai fought for jhansi in 1857 war.
Decision making is key to become a good leader


Camouflage makes everyone feel proud.
Seeing oneself in uniform gives goosebumps and Motivation.
Self motivation is imp when you want to achieve a goal.
Achievements should be stacked up, knowledge should be spread.
Armed forces reflect uniformity
uniform makes indian army soldier proud
Wearing colg uniform brings equality
SC verdicted NDA also for girls.
Hardwork and dedication helped him to win indian army uniform


Teacher clears all the doubts of the students
We should not question one’s motivation to work hard.
Being a leader, Motivating the group is a great responsibility.
Group trip to Ooty is more fun than a solo trip to the same.
Teachers clear all doubts of the students
good tutor can change individuals future
Curiosity help to learn new things in life
Time constraint quizzes increase solving speed.
Asking questions makes us to learn new things


Good citizens abide by the laws of the nation
Neeraj Chopra’s Gold medal made the country proud.
Parents feel proud to see their son in uniform.
Indian Defence forces have have great respect throughout the world.
Opposition is the backbone of democracy
CBI used its training skills to catch traitor
Education system lays foundation of strong country
India helped low countries with covishield in COVID. 2.equality to all religion promotes secularism.
Pv sindhu made India proud at the Tokyo Olympics


Company of friends removes aloofness
GoMechanic gives good opportunity to their Employees.
One’s personality is reflected by his friend circle.
Everyone Admires an Army officers personality.
Company of good friends leave memories
working with team on project increase knowledge
Competitive company of friends helps unlock new potential
JavaScript helped in clearing Vistara interview
A good company of friends helps to crack UPSC exam


Musical chairs is good time pass.
Playing Table tennis with friends is a good choice when it rains.
Prime minister’s chair is very powerful and full of responsibility
One should take responsibility of his own deeds.
Table lamps help to study in the night
organization things is a first step towards personality developement
Dinner table discussions with family is joy
The hindu newspaper increase general awareness.
Manika batra represnted India in table tennis at Tokyo Olympics

These are some of the responses that SSBPsych candidates have written and let me tell you, one candidates can write 10 sentences on a single word. So if you are looking for same skills! Join SSBPsych

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