No Vacancy Or Employment Exchange

No Vacancy

Which factor it points to first?

It points the the factor second i.e. social adjustment. Obviously there are many factors that will also come in the further action. But this is the one of the picture that shows second factor first.

Few questions that you can think about it before proceeding for writing the story. These are as follows :

There are three minimum possibility that can happen in this case. Please refer to below picture.

So think of possibility that whom you are going to select. At SSBPsych we follows many strategies that showcase your qualities that is necessary for becoming officer in Indian Armed Forces.

So what we believe that if you select yourself for opting for finding the job then it is quiet obvious that you will help yourself, make planning and strategy to clear your exam, getting a job or any other thing that will help you to get finance.

Who needs the job?

Next case comes when you are helping either your friend/relative/siblings.

Well this part has advantage as compare to finding a job for yourself. As in this case you can show extra quality of helping someone where you have a pretty less interest as compare to interest you have for yourself. In short, all planning & strategy remains same, all just add on is that now you are helping someone of your known.

Next case comes when you are helping an unknown person

This is the most favourite part of ssbpsych that our strategy of helping a person. It is pretty clear that if you help an unknown person then it makes a big impact as compare to impact made in earlier.

Helping a person who is known to you is clear symbol of Selfless Service.


Next Part is what kind of problem statement it is?

We have made many concepts at SSBPsych, and what kind of problem this picture demands is one of that.

Problem statement is of three type as mentioned in the picture above. Questions comes is what does these immediate, short and long things means. See when situation demands you to act immediately like accident, fire situation or snake situation, then you don’t have time to plan or make strategy, you just have to act there and there.

Short term problem statement means when you have time to work on the situation, like 1 month – 3 month, so you can work upon your planning and strategy part. And the next one is the long term problem statement like which requires your planning and strategy of 1 year, 2 year or more, examples can be

  • Preparing for UPSC
  • Construction of Buildings
  • Construction of Hospital
  • Preparing for GATE exam
  • Construction of Road

Now we have made a story considering all the factors and explaining with the concept. Watch the video and do mention your views in the comment box and do share it with your friends and let them know it is all about logical thinking and concept.

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