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32 SSB Kapurthala Experience

This is HITESH and I had my SSB on (28 September-02 NOVEMBER) 2021 in 32 SSB KAPURTHALA Batch no. MNDA-92243

I reached there a day before and stayed at Hotel Natraj (approx. 10-15min. Walking distance from SSB), as Gurudwara and another hotel were already full because of BHARAT BAND on 27 SEPTEMBER.


Next day, on 28 September, I woke up early and got ready, and went to center and saw the lines of Freshers, Screen outs and Legends (Repeaters). As I was a screen out candidate and was last one to reach there so, I stood at last in line and at sharp 6:24, we were called inside the center, and asked to stand in rows of 10 near the FATAK inside center. CHM SAAB gave briefing about the TA to those 12 freshers, and then documentation started. I immediately took out my phone and downloaded AROGYA SETU as in my previous attempt (NDA-146, 22 FEB) in 32 SSB only, I was thrown out of the line 4 times as the app crashed and was asking to register again and internet wasn’t working properly. All my documents were checked and my RT-PCR was verified through QR CODE by the testing JCOs there, after that we were arranged in lines and got our chest numbers and mine was 18. After that one GTO sir came and asked about the original documents that we were not carrying as CBSE and other state board had not issued at that time and we showed the certificate downloaded from Digi locker.
After that 6 unfortunate ones were sent back to their home because of the RTPCR report sample date.

Then we had our breakfast and went for testing to Cariappa hall, and OIR begun and first booklet was 54 having 50 questions and suddenly I noticed that OIR answer sheet is for 34(easiest booklet you can ever see in SSBs), then I told psychologist sir about this and he told all candidates to write their answer on that only and told us to give 5 minutes extra to copy our answer in new answer sheet. After that, 2nd booklet was 34 having 40 questions and that was too completed by me in the given time. After that PPDT started and The picture shown to us was completely black but it was visible that 5 characters raised their hand as if they were holding a trophy during some photoshoot, so I made a story on WINNING a KHO KHO match as a lady was visible in between to whom I assigned the task of coach, and I wrote a good incomplete story in 8-9 lines and missed to write conclusion due to time limit and submitted my answer sheet. Later, we were divided in a group of 17 candidates and mine was from Chest no 18 to 34, I was the first member of my group. After that we waited for 4 assessors for about 30-40 minutes sitting in the room while Chest no. 19 fell sleepy and started snoring, then we talked to each other’s, every candidate and became familiar to each other and assessors came and I was amazed to seed a Major Archie Archarya, (Ted Talk speaker), she briefed about the process and I started narration in a smooth way and after speaking for 20-25 seconds fluently and confidently (40% of my story) I was stopped and GTO ma’am said next, and this way narration was finished and I listened to everyone’s story carefully and picked 7-8 sensible points for GD. When GD started everyone was shouting as our group had screen out as well as repeaters, but I just requested everyone to speak one by one to which Chest no 19 to 26 agreed and stopped shouting and GTO ma’am divided us into two subgroups 18-25 and 26-34. And in subgroup, I initiated the GD by discussing the no. of characters and all, and added some points from the stories of Chest no 20,21,22,24,25. So I gave approx. 4-5 points. And also gave chance to others to speak and also countered one point from Chest no 25 and gave a logical explanation. After that second group discussed for about 2 minutes and we were asked to leave without common conclusion. We had our lunch, and after that around, 1:15 pm we had our results. GTO sir came and started announcing the results after some motivational lines. He announced names from Repeaters first, then screen out, and then Freshers and till then I lost all hope for getting IN, and suddenly my Chest no 18 was announced, and I told my name and roll no and went forward to take my new chest no that was 18 only. And we were 21 by the GTO sir finished. He congratulated us and assured us that assessment is fair here without any scam or anything. Later we filled PIQs and all and dormitory was allotted to us. We were 9 repeaters, 9 screens out and 3 freshers.


We had our psychology test on DAY-2 about which CHM Sir told us on the DAY-1 (evening roll call).  It started at 7am approx., with simple TATs, WATs, SRTs and finished with SD. I wrote all the stories of TAT well within time and wrote a sports theme story in blank picture (11 previous-pictures had no sports theme). I did 58 WATs and 37 SRTs. And finished my SD well within given time.

Psychology Test Attempt :

TAT : 12 ( All stories attempted, completed )
WAT : 58
SRT : 37

After that, some candidates had their interviews, like Chest no 1 to 7 had their interview with Deputy President, Chest no 8 to 14 with President, and 16 to 21 with ADD. IO. So, Chest no 15, 16, 17 had their interview with ADD. IO on Day 2. And I was asked to be interviewed on Day-3. The most deserving candidates of our batch waited till evening to be called for interview till 6pm, full ready, ironing his shirt every 1 hours and putting again, but President saab didn’t responded and his interview was postponed. In evening we played basketball and volleyball and later enjoyed at Canteen watching YouTube and Netflix.


On Day-3, we were told to gather by 6am after having breakfast at 5:30am. Our GROUNDSMAN sir briefed us and gave instructions and later GTO sir came and immediately started GD.

Group Discussion

Our first GD had topic
1. India is the most stabilized democracy in the World, which one according to you is the most suitable reason for this-
A) The Constitution
B) Indian Culture
C) Market Economy

2. The booming technology and which one has got more importance according to you
A) Nano technology
B) Biotechnology

C) ——— I forgot

And we picked first topic and discussed calmly without fish market, completely following the instructions of GTO, like only one candidate should speak at one time. We had our GD for about 20 minutes and I gave 7-8 sensible and valid points with a duration of 30-40 seconds each.

Then second GD started and topic was about YOUTH PROGRESS and lead were
A) Compulsory military training
B) Community Services
And we again discussed for about 17-20 minutes and each one of us gave very good points.

Group Planning Exercise

After this we had GPE, somewhat difficult to complete, but I wrote a good solution well within time and later my solution was exactly the same that our Group came to. GPE GD, everyone discussed and we came to conclusion and GTO sir asked to nominate one person and Chest no 16 nominated himself and then I also gave a reason to nominate him as he was very active member in GD. He described the whole plan and GPE was finished.

Then started PGT, in which GTO told us the rules(not all), I helped the group and gave 7-8 workable ideas when group stucked and we were stopped after 3rd PGT.

Then started HGT, me 18, 16 and 20 were HGT members, and we did it smoothly but I broke a rule and for repeating the obstacle again I walked on the ground means broke the rule again to which GTO objected. But within 7-8 minutes we finished HGT.

After this, we had GOR, and our GROUP C completed all obstacles much before A and B but GTO told 2 candidates to repeat the obstacle and they did but A and B didn’t finish their obstacles, and later the GOR finished.

Lecturette :

Then Lecturette started and everyone did it well and my topics were


And I chose second about waste management and save Asian vultures from extinction (SAVE) and concluded within 3 minutes exactly.

And GTO DAY-1 finished


And within 3 minutes I was waiting outside the IO Room for interview
And was called in within 30-40 seconds.
I entered confidently and wished IO, and quickly IO asked-‘ ye Kya haal bna rakha hai’ and I told him that I am coming from GTO ground, and then he asked me  whether I want to take bath or not and some funny conversation started and the he asked 3 CIQs(whole PIQ questions) in one go only, and that was about 25-30 questions which I answered in next 20-25 minutes and left 3 and I politely asked to repeat those I have left and gave the answer for them also. Then he started the counter questioning and I gave every answer/reason and by the time he finished, 40-45 minutes were completed and then he came to GK part and discussed some international news and national news, farmers problem and contract farming and my interview was finished within 70-80 minutes approx. Then I wished him and left the room and he called me again inside when I was leaving and congratulated me, and told me to do best in GTO DAY-2. In the evening, we played volleyball and I got my ankle twisted and swelling came but I didn’t paid much attention and enjoyed again in canteen.


I got early in the morning and found I wasn’t able to walk, so I went to MI ROOM and took painkiller and we all got ready and assembled in GTO GROUND by 6 am and then INDIVIDUAL OBSTACLES started and I did 11 in 3 minutes. For this I followed tips from GROUNDSMAN Sir to start from ZIGZAG balance. And chest no 17 did the highest IOs that was 17 in 3 minutes.

Then started CT, and I was called 3 times by Chest no 16,17 and 21 , and in my command task it was difficult to think to get out with only two fatta, but I was suddenly struck with multiple ideas and completed it.

Then in FGT, we all did well but stucked at last to which I gave ideas and finished within given time.
And this way, we finished our all three tasks.



On fifth day, we had our conference, and it was raining, we had a motivational speech by Deputy President. He also did a scary prank by telling us that he noticed that one candidate has got a phone hidden in his pocket. After that, our conference started from chest no 21, that is in reverse order. He went and came back suddenly and same happened with 20,19 and then came my turn and I waited for approx. 7-8 minutes and then I was called in, and I entered and wished the President, and sat on the chair after D. PRESIDENT asked me to sit, after that he asked me about my stay, food, suggestion, who will get recommended, any favorite task, best food that I enjoyed and what all activities I did. And that’s how ny conference went and I came back. And we waited for conference to be finished and by 11:40 result came and psychologist gave a very motivational speech and announced the results. Fortunately, /unfortunately, no one got through. And some were crying, sitting at benches near Cariappa hall, but me and my friends Mr. X and Y were tensed about lunch as we didn’t get affected and it was nothing new and we had already decided to improve and come again if we are not able to get through (after conference). So, we consoled and cracked jokes and took pictures, abused 32 SSB for inner satisfaction and waited for mess to open and enjoyed Shahi paneer and made videos too. And by 2 pm, we bade farewell to each other, made lifelong friends and are still connected through WhatsApp group. One day we all will get that plus sign chest no.

That was my experience about my first conference out and I have two other experience of getting screen out from 32 ssb and NSB KOLKATA which I will be sharing later.

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