Situation Reaction Test – SET 5 Men, Recommended Candidate Responses

SRT 1 : A stocky built ruffian snatched the chain of wife of a soldier. You are passing by what you do( person is stronger than you and you are empty handed and there is no third person n u don’t have even your mobile)

1. Apply the chilli powder in his eyes from the grocery bag,hit him with the coconut tree branch,alert in street members hand him over to police.ring the valentine day,his friend got another proposal from his junior ,together went to cafe.

2. He will take a thick stick, run behind him, hit on his legs hard, make him fall, kick on his genitals, ask the lady to handover her dupatta, tie the hand of ruffian , call 100 share PCR location , handed over to the police, returned her dupatta and chain to lady, move toward his work.

SRT 2 : His friend was always quarrelling with him and the papers were near. He…..

  1. Took him to hotel cleared the issue of cricket match decision in the finals, enjoyed the dinner, studied together for exam.
  1. He will talk with him, settle the issue, eat a ice cream together, light up the mood, prepare for exams together.

SRT 3 :He was walking on a dark street with his girl friend then suddenly 10 armed people came & started harassing his girl friend the next police station was 10km away….

1.Gave them his belongings,safely took her girlfriend to her home,inform the police,help them show the direction they went,got them,filed a FIR.

2. He will take his girlfriend and run, stop a passing by car, board the car, tell the driver issue, went to nearest police station, tell them the place of incident, thanked the car driverxam from college, go on that day , give exam.

SRT 4 : In a discussion with your colleagues, you find your losing ground, you…….

1. Showed the previous year sports day agenda from the PT department,convince his team to follow the plan.

2. He will accept the points,gather facts and tell it with his own views, attract their attention, gain back his grounds, discuss efficiency with all.

SRT 5 : While shooting a film, terrorists kidnapped the heroine. You are in charge of the ‘check post ‘ nearby the scene. What will you do…

1. Locked  the  only checkpost, inform the district HQ for backup,chase them down,safely rescue her,caught the terrorist. 

2. He will take responsibility, motivate team, guide the plan, play the game with josh, execute it, wins the match, wHe will inform the company commander through wireless, receive the order, went behind terrorist with his platoon of 10 soldier., engage in operation , kill the terrorist, secure the heroine and area of shooting.

SRT 6 : You received an urgent order from your commander. But you feel that order passed on to you is wrong. You…

1. Finished the sensor project work and submitted on time

2. He will follow the order, report back to him.

SRT 7 :He was rather young when his father was killed in the war and later mother kidnapped by the rival group. He had no other relative. He…..

1. Went to the police ,informed them about the kidnap ,filed a complaint.iliary power,got the signal back,proceed with mission.

2. He will call 100, Tell them about mother kidnapped by rival group, help them finding her, rescued her, live with her peacefully, focus on his studies to build a stable life ahead for himself and mother.

SRT 8 :You heard rumors that enemy is likely to attack the country. As a serving soldier what u do…

1. Got the information checked ,found the rumour true,infrom his senior officer ,acted accordingly.

2. He will be ready, wait for orders, react as per order received from senior officers, keep all motivated.

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