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37th Recommendation of SSBPsych – Ninaad Dandawate

Ninaad Dandawate


Recommended in 3rd Attempt, IMA Entry


Reporting – 33 candidates

OIR – on OMR sheets

PPDT Img – man thinking and walking, background- lake and boat

My story got completed.

My chest no was 21.   Ppdt Batch was from 17 to 33.

I got little bit surprised to know that the many candidates have saw farm field in the background. I trusted my story and narrated it. The assessor got the idea of my story so they said, ”Next”.

Group Discussion: Due to fish market, the group was divided. I actively participated in the group discussion and group came to a conclusion that it is a water body in the background. The assessors didn’t asked to nominate a person to give group story.


I first time completed all TAT stories. Earlier because of my writing speed I wasn’t able to complete 2-3 stories properly. My only aim while writing TAT stories was to make it action oriented.

I completed the WAT by writing 60/60 sentences. I tried to reflect my Self Description(SD) qualities in it.

Example: I wrote in my SD – I m a curious person as I like to learn new things. In WAT, a word was KEEN. I wrote – A keen person always keeps learning new things.

I attempted 45 SRT. I wrote it short, crisp and to the point as time is limited.

I completed my SD. My SD was honest and simple. I didn’t brag by adding very different qualities. I kept it simple by adding qualities like hard working.


Group Discussion

India’s Education quality and implementation is degrading. What is the most significant reform India needs to bring in education sector?

  • Abolition of reservation system
  • NEP
  • Commercialization

Topic given by GTO

Extra marital affairs are increasing nowadays. What is the most significant reason of it?

  • People are becoming independent
  • Social media
  • Westernisation

I took the first lead of both the topics. Surprisingly, I was the only person to talk on that leads. As a result, it worked for me as it somewhere became ‘I Vs the group’. Example – Abolition of reservation VS NEP.

Majority of the group was supporting NEP and I was the only one for abolition of reservation. I shared my opinions and thoughts and remained firm.


Being a group of repeaters, it was a fish market. Still I actively participated in the discussion and shared my thoughts and solutions. There was not enough clarity of the solution when the time got over. GTO asked to nominate a person. Everyone was quiet. Suddenly a candidate nominated other candidate who was not active in the discussion. As the nominated candidate was not active in the discussion hence I felt he might not give the group solution well. I volunteered and nominated myself and said to the group that I would like to give the solution. The group supported me and finally I gave the group solution.


I was good at PGT, though not the best. There were some candidates who were really fast in solving PGT. I tried to help them and be in the game. I also gave solutions but still I will rate my performance as good and not the best.


It proved to be a golden opportunity for me. I implemented my ideas quickly and was successful to show my competence.


I kept shouting the war cry to motivate the group whenever the group was overcoming the obstacle. I tried to help them out genuinely wherever needed.



  • Indian space organisation
  • Organic farming
  • Ayurved vs allopathy
  • Live in relationship

I chose the topic live in relationship as I was having more content to speak on the same topic as compared to the other 3 topics.

Day 4

Individual obstacles

I completed 9/10. I followed the definite pattern irrespective of the marks assigned to the obstacles.

Command Task

I was given the bomb task. GTO asked me to give total 2 way solutions.

I was called by two candidates as a subordinate.


Some members of the group were really fast to suggest ideas. The group implemented it. I help the group in overcoming it. The group completed the FGT.


My interview was mind opening for me. The interviewer asked me questions regarding my life and all about me. The questions were from my life from std 8 to the present day.

The reason it was mind opening for me because most questions were very unique and were consisting superlatives.


2 biggest help you did and you recieved.

1 biggest gift you gave to someone and you received.

And many more…..

In my interview there were instances were we both shared a laughter.

The interviewer also asked me about my hobbies.

Regarding Indian Army, he asked which arms I would like to join and which regiment(as I said infantry).

He also asked, if didn’t got infantry then which arms and same for regiment.

He also asked me to calculate speed.

That’s all about the interview.

Conference Day

At the night of the day 4, we talked with the recommended candidate and got to know that his waiting period was about 10-15 min before going into the conference hall. He was also asked questions about City and himself. I thought to myself he may be a borderline case. But just after that I came to know that all the candidates who have got recommended in the allahabad experienced the same(10-15 min + number of questions questions).

The same happened with me. I waited outside the hall for 10-15 min and then were asked questions regarding my city and my low marks in my 12th. They also asked me questions relating to geography. As I belong to nashik they asked me questions like, which hills are present in Nashik, hills in the North of nashik, highest peak in that region, hill station. The answers of which I was not so sure I said, “I m sorry, I don’t know sir.”

That’s all about the conference.

Later on, the results were announced.

I got recommended.

The feeling was ecstacy.

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