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AFCAT Mysore – SSB Experience

Hi , I am Apurva Mishra sharing my only full SSB experience here at SSBPsych. Before this, I was screen out .My SSB was in December 2019 in Mysore through AFCAT entry . (Batch -M-AFCAT(W)/449 30 dec 2019 – 3 jan 2020) I reached a day prior to reporting day after a long journey and stayed in railway station guest room, without much thought I went to see the Mysore palace and next day it was reporting early in the morning at 6:30 am on 30 December. .

We were made to stand in a queue, most of us girls were in formals, and the instructors brief you about everything you’re expected to do,like taking out particular documents, where to head etc . We went inside Arjan Singh hall where a young lady officer and a sergeant Sir briefed us about further process, then we filled some forms . After the initial documentation we were given breakfast,after which we assembled for chest numbers. I was calm till here and talking to other girls.

Initially I was given chest no. 163 and at every process we were briefed . Then we headed for

Yes, you can have screening on the same day of reporting! So make sure to stay fresh and alert and have a good sleep a day prior to perform your best. We all assembled in the auditorium , a lady officer walked in there, the way she charmed everyone. She was very confident and positive and in few minutes she relaxed us by making us practice breathing. Now our screening was going to start..
First step being the OIR , we had to solve two sets one by one in given time. You’re provided with the question sheet and a paper in which you have to mark the answers . Both sets had 40
Some tips-
• Never mark your answers in question sheet
• OIR has easy-moderate questions but time is limited, so practice is the key.!
• There is no negative marking so solve as much as you can.
• Reach the SSB board on time
After OIR it was time for PPDT , by this time no groups were divided, we were briefed again about PPDT . As per ll be shown a picture for 30 seconds and you’re expected to write a story on it and not just describe the picture . The picture shown to us had 4 men smiling in the frame . It looked like a selfie. I made a simple story with proper actions. Our papers were collected. After which, we were headed out and girls were divided into groups of approx 10, some time is given when you can revise your story in your mind. We were then headed into a small room for further process. Again the briefing, we sat in semicircle while assessors were sitting in front of us. We were told to narrate our story one by one and to start group discussion, when the last person finishes. My narration was done well in time and when the last candidate finished I started GD , it carried on , stories were different but a common theme of sports and motivation emerged and I added few points. After GD, one of the assessors asked to choose one candidate for telling common story , my group chose me. I happily accepted it and gave a common story including most of the points discussed in GD PPDT done. Fingers crossed. Time for results.

Approx 290+ girls reported. They started speaking out chest numbers who got in, around 1/3rd were screened in. I had a sigh of relief when my chest number was called.

Got new chest numbers, (I was chest no. 32 now) new group,further briefing..and a room ‘Mirage 2000’ but the day is not over yet ! Same day is psych test.

We settled in our room, started introducing each other and talking, after some rest , we were ready for our psych test !

We started with some more documentation, PIQ filling and then our psych test started..TAT,WAT,SRT and the time we finished. It was near 10pm..we had was a long day..sleep came easily.

Life without mobile phones felt amazing to me.!

We woke up to songs everyday. Every morning and evening roll call. You feel like a trainee cadet there.

Every group has a fixed schedule. So our next two days were for GTO, on first day we had GD, GPE and some other tasks. It was 2 years back so my memories are bit vague. Anyways, our GD topics: one was related to use of social media and other was air pollution control . Our GD turned a bit chaotic at times.

Our new year was celebrated at 12:am with lights off! Eating chips and wishing each other in whispers !! Such memories I ll remember forever.

We were able to do our PGT, HGT, command tasks, IO and FGT,Snake race was also there, as well as gave our lecturretes. My lecturette topic was, effect of technology in our lives .

At some points, I took lead but my performance was average in most of them and a alot of alertness and calmness is required to do all that . In CT I couldn’t get an idea . I took help from my subordinates to get through that. I performed 6 out of 10 Individual obstacles.

But those two days were fun!! It was a really enjoyable experience. When do you get to do such tasks in daily life..! Also we went out to see the beautiful city and did some shopping.

Now it was Interview ready and some girls assembled in the waiting room, Everyone had different timings..some were watching tv..some were reading magazines or newspapers and some just chatting..and meanwhile..the chest numbers flash up with a loud buzzer that can wake up a hibernating animal! try to stay calm and relaxed in that room.. nervousness will do no good . I was taken to one room by a woman where I had some water and then was told to enter the interview room. I entered and wished the officer, he told me to sit down and to take water if needed. Then interview got started with some normal questions ..Here are some…. about my hometown, about places I visited in mysore, he asked me where I’m staying.. the dormitory I said.. Sir asked, what’s the name of that building and I told him the name was ” Aashiyana” And room? I said Sir, Mirage 2000… what is Mirage 2000? He asked.. I said it’s a fighter jet sir . Where did you got this information. ? I said sir I knew and also saw it in the motivation room yesterday..ok what’s a mirage then.. I told him that it’s a phenomenon formed in dessert mostly..which gives an illusion of presence of water..

Ok then why Mirage 2000 is named after a mirage..?
I said sir I dont know that..he said if you can guess..I said maybe it forms a illusion in the sky.. it was as if new questions were coming out of my this point I was calm and then it was rapid fire round..where i answered most of the questions and asked the interviewer if I had missed any , he told me one question and I answered. Some were basic gk questions connected to IAF like logo,motto, location of academy and more questions from my answers. I was asked what I do for my fitness ..I said running..then again a series..of questions from the answers I was giving..then maths..some calculations.. and that’s where I came under pressure. Maths being my weakness. After few more questions my interview was done with a quotation by APJ Abdul kalam that IO recited for me. I came out smiling and bit confused..

Then a day of analysis.. I started feeling.. I need improvement..overall.
Anyways by evening I went out to play badminton with a friend and we just chilled.

Next day was conference..again sitting and waiting.. I was asked simple questions about my stay and food. By this time I was bit low but little hopeful. Anyways I was just being in the moment by then..and talking to some lovely friends I made there . Lastly before result.. I went to mess to say thank you to the staff that served us amazing food every day.

Then we were shown a motivational video on IAF and motivational words from the officers
which felt good . As I already knew I had made some mistakes and my performance was average except screening and HGT where I performed well. I was not satisfied myself..and so was the result.. Few girls got recommended. I was happy to see some of my friends getting recommended.
I got conferenced out, i was sad but i had a train to catch soon, constant phone calls from home as i was on my own and far from home for the first time. I was happy too that I got this amazing and one of a kind experience and journey!
Since then, life has changed.. im on a journey for overall self improvement..this journey has changed me as a person . Now with SSB or without it . I want to become the best version of myself. And want to bring out the potential I have and utilise it to the fullest.. because I have it! I know and I believe.! I can achieve my goals. Right now I’m done with my masters and pursuing other career options too! I believe in keeping a solid backup plan and doing your best in everything.
But if ever, I’m going to write this story again. I highly hope, that ending will be different.!
I’d be glad if anyone can take anything from this experience..I ll share what I have learned from
this journey…

• Work hard for your goals..
• Believe in yourself.
• Improvement is a daily process.
• You have OLQs but applying and enhancing them in daily life as well will help you.
• Be kind and be yourself.
• Don’t listen to any SSB myths going around.
• Pay attention to the instructions given in the board.
• Pay attention to the life going around you.
• If you’re reluctant to change, results won’t change either .
• Introspect and improve! You know yourself better than anyone.
• And stay true to yourself then only you can stay honest to this process.

I wish whoever is reading this achieve their dreams and gets recommended. Never give up ! My best wishes to you. 🙂

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