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AFSB Gandhinagar | AFCAT Men – SSB Recent Questions

24 Jan 2022
AFSB Gandhinagar | AFCAT Men

167 Reported
46 Screen-in

Clear picture :
Cricket pitch with 5 people sharing the trophy.

OIR – easy to moderate
2 sets of 50 each.
30 mins for each set.

  • Parallel election in India – opinion.
  • Public holiday in India is more than western countries – opinion.
  • Indian railways
  • Women empowerment
  • Vocational training
  • Politics vs religion
  • Indo Pak relation
  • Drug abuse
  • Physical exercise
  • Exercise vs yoga
  • Afforestation

SRTs were a bit tough and lengthy to read.


Pls, be on time whenever asked to fall in.
Repeaters were coming late and taking things casually.

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