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Artillery Equipment of Indian Army

One of the greatest military leaders of all time Napoleon said,“Great battles are won with artillery.” It is true and been proven time and again. Artillery is a class of heavy military weapons which are used to engage and attack the enemy from distance. It was the Mughal emperor Babur who introduced artillery in India. Since then, the big guns have seen a lot of modernization with introduction of futuristic technologies.

Artillery in India has played a huge role in various battles. The Jaivan Cannon, present in Jaipur, was the biggest cannon of its time (1720). Fast forward to 21st century, it was in Kargil were the big guns changed the game. So here, we are going to see the  mighty artillery weapons used by the Indian Army.

Artillery of Indian Army:

In Indian Army, the Regiment of Artillery controls and operate all the artillery guns and systems. Various equipment held by this regiment can be broadly classified into Mortars, Field Artillery, Medium Artillery, Self-propelled Artillery and Surveillance equipment.  


It is usually a lightweight, lightweight, portable weapon, consisting of a smooth-bore metal tube centered on a base plate  with a lightweight bipod/tripod mount. The different mortars used by Indian Army are:

81mm Mortar
  • OFB E1 51mm
  • OFB E1 81mm
  • OFB E1 120mm
  • L16 81mm mortar

Field Artillery

105mm Indian Field Gun

105mm Indian Field Gun

Origin: Indian

Developer: Armament Research and Development Establishment (DRDO)

Towed gun

Max Firing Range: 17.2 kms

Medium Artillery

130mm M-46 Field Gun

130mm M46 Field Gun

Origin: Soviet

Developer: MOTZ (Russia), Soltam (Israel) and OFB (India)

Towed gun

Max Firing Range: 27.5 kms

Variants: Upgunned Soltam 155mm, IOB Sharang 155mm (indegineous)

155mm Haubits FH77

Haubits FH77

Origin: Swedish

Developer: Bofors

Towed and vehicle mounted

Max Firing Range: 24 kms

Variants: FH77 A, FH77 B and Archer (self propelled)

155mm Dhanush Howitzer

Dhanush Howitzer

Origin: Indian

Developer: Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited

Towed and vehicle mounted on Tatra truck

Max Firing Range: 38 kms

155mm M777 Howitzer

M777 Howitzer

Origin: United Kingdom

Developer: BAE Systems, UK

Towed and tank mounted

Max Firing Range: 24 kms

Currently deployed in the front with China

155mm Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System

ATAGS Gun System

Origin: Indian

Developer: Armament Research and Development Establishment (DRDO)

Towed gun

Max Firing Range: 48 kms

Self-propelled Artillery

K9 Vajra

K9 Vajra

Origin: South Korean

Developer: Agency for Defence Development and Samsung Aerospace Industries; produced by L&T in India

Armament: 155mm main gun and 12.7mm HMG as secondary weapon

Crew: 5

Max Firing Range: 18-54 kms

Surveillance equipment


Heron UAV

Origin: Israel

Developer: Israel Aerospace Industries

Medium-altitude long endurance UAV

Endurance: 52 hours upto 10.5 kms

Indian Army has 4 of these on lease

Weapon Locating Radar ‘Swathi’

MLR Swathi

Origin: Indian

Developer: Electronics and Radar Development Establishment (DRDO) and Bharat Electronics Ltd.

Range: Artillery → 2-30 km
             Rockets → 4-40 km
             Mortars → 2-20 km

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