How to deal with negative words in WAT

KILL, SUICIDE, MURDER, CRIME, ANXIETY. Are you facing a problem in dealing with these kind of words in the WAT. Don’t worry. We’ll be telling you some ways to deal with it.

In SSB, the psychology test has four different types of tests which gives the assessor an idea about the core personality of the candidate. Here, we’ll discuss the Word Association Test, also known as WAT. In WAT, the candidates are presented 60 word and each is shown for 15 seconds. The candidate has to write a sentence on each word. Now, the words which are being shown work as a stimuli to the candidate to which he/she has to react. Most of the candidates feel that they can write good sentences on positive words but get stuck on negative words.

The negative words are included by the assessor to see how a candidate reacts to an adverse or not-so-normal stimuli. These words are just to bring out the real character or the real thought process. In this way, this tricky test presents you with a ‘so-called’ negative word and now you’ve to deal with it.

There are various ways in which you can tackle these tricky words.

  • The first one is to SOLVE IT. A good leader when presented with a situation thinks how can he solve it rather than beating around the bush. Some examples are:

1. Suicide: Proper counselling prevents suicides.

               Aasra foundation works for suicide prevention.

2. Conflict: Communication resolves conflict.

                    Understanding other’s averts conflicts

3. Anxiety: Workout removes anxiety.

Now remember, rather than just solving these words inculcate the habits of solving a problem. This will develop a problem-solving attitude.

  • The next way to deal with the negative words is to clearly state that IT IS WRONG. An ethical person will not get into a bad habit and will simply refuse it. Some examples to make it clear are:

1. Murder: Murder is a crime.

2. Abuse: A good leader never abuses his powers.

3. Jealousy: Friends are never jealous of each other.

  • Last but not the least, to deal with these words THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Think how you can present these words in a positive way and what good you can pull out of it. You can use your subject knowledge and facts to present your thoughts. Like,

1. Alcohol: Alcohol prevents infection by disinfecting things.

2. Drugs: Life-saving drugs are donated by India.

3. Knife: Knife is an important trekking equipment.

4. Gun: Proper cleaning ensures effective firing.

5. Battle: Indian Army is always battle ready.

At the end remember the famous saying, “There’s some bad in good and then there’s some good in bad”. You need to focus on the good in the bad and solve the problems. Inculcate a problem-solving attitude in day-to-day life which will then automatically be reflected in your thoughts.

Try these methods of solving the negative words yourself and comment if you are able to now deal with it.

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