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Duration of the Course : 25 Days

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SSBPsych conducts 25 Days ssb course every month with limited seats capacity.

Our way of teaching is completely unique as we emphasis more on the quality of the every students. Each student/aspirant requires special focus and at SSBPsych we give that. And that’s the reason we give 25 days guidance so that we have enough time to prepare for the same.

Course Highlights :

  • Psychology
    • One to one feedback available.
    • You will understand the core concept of each picture shown in the TAT process.
    • After the course you will be able to freely write 5 sentences on a single WAT word.
    • Understand the logical requirement behind every situation asked.
    • Make your self description completely different from others.
    • Give unlimited psychology test to get the feeling of actual psychology pressure.
  • Interview
    • More than 7 Mini interviews will be conducted.
    • Every day you will be giving an interview and will see improvement on daily basis.
    • There are reasons for every answer, understand the pattern and become expert.
    • Learn how to gain confidence even in pressurized situation.
    • Handle Rapid fire questions like a cake walk.
    • At the end your main interview will be conducted, which will be recorded and recording will be shared with you for analysis and improvement purpose.
  • GTO
    • Every Weekend we conduct Group Discussion session for the practice purpose.
    • Topics are selected based on the current SSB GD topics.
    • Become expertise in calculating the distance and time for Group Planning Exercise.
    • Our GTO being the best. SSBPsych’s freshers are more expert than any recommended candidate.
    • Learn atleast 6 solutions for each situation in outdoor task.
    • Lecturette is the thing that we practice every day.

You were looking for right guidance. Here it is, now it’s your turn to take the first step.

Each Class is recorded and available for next 3 Months

About Instructor:

Vipul Sharma is three times recommended, twice from Indian Army (34 SSB Allahabad, 31 SSB Kapurthala) and once from Indian Navy (33 SSB Bhopal). He has trained many candidates who got recommended in their very first attempt and many candidates are two times recommended under his guidance. With double digits recommendation, he gives complete focus on the quality of teaching and motivates the students for achieving their goal. He is a computer science engineering graduate and has 6+ years of experience in the field of IT working in Latin America (Mexico) and teaching in India. Also, he is multilingual with knowledge of Spanish, English and Hindi.

Fees : Rs. 7000 Only

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  1. I am a serving candidate and will join the ssb psych in next batch. But fee is little higher. Is there any concession for serving candidates?

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